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  • Hey Road, I can't remember what your name is on Facebook :(
    I might've remade my Facebook ever since we added one another, but I had a few questions for you

    If you could add me that would be wonderful - www.facebook.com/Kiraush
    Your inbox is full by the way!
    Hey Road, seeing how dificult this goes I think its better just to scratch it :)

    Thanks for the effort though and good luck with the shop !
    Hey Road, yeah I got time tomorrow too ! In the fact the whole day, so just send me a VM whenever your ready.

    Enjoy your day !
    I gotta disconnect for a minute. Forgot to take Entei off a battle team. Then i’ll Get back on.
    Hey Road. Would 1:30pm your time work for you? I’m usually on around then collecting shards.
    Saterday 11/4 works for me :), I'll be free for that day so how about 7 PM (your time) ?.
    Do you happen to have a discord channel perhaps? Otherwise I'll be sure to be online on Serebii and we just send eacht others VM's.

    Thanks Road :)
    Would it be too much of a hassle to add my shiny Silvally event to my request? Would be looking to get two back.
    I’ll probably have to wait until 11/4. Your trade time is 5am-8am my time and I am usually sleeping then. Thanks for letting me know.
    Hey Road ! Thanks for sending me a VM.
    Wed will be difficult for me because I am at work around that time. In the evening I do have time but I understand that might be difficult for you and the timezone diffrence.
    If we have to reschedule I can point out the days that work best for me; Thursday, Friday and in the weekend. Time is not that relevant for me on those days.

    Looking forward to our trading, have a good day ! :)
    Hi, I see I've replied to you after a couple of weeks, because I remembered I was supposed to. :|
    Things have settled down for me, but college is really heavy, although, I'm loving it a lot that I spend my entire day there.

    I do use Skype, Instagram, Whatsapp, and sometimes Facebook. I'll send in the details, and you can hit any of them as you're comfortable.
    So, I reached Chicago, and I've been sleeping since past two days, doing nothing. And, I'm running short on money already. :| I don't intend on buying new games anytime soon. I may never real buy games anymore, until I settle down into a life where I can earn enough to buy games again. Thank you so much for all the trades. If I'd have known, I'd have traded you all my Pokemon. Anywho, take care and see ye!

    PS: Is there way we can still be in touch outside Serebii? Of course, you can say no, that won't be a problem.
    I almost cried. Cartridge seems fine, but IDK until I pop it into a system to play in. I hope its fine, cuz it was my friend's and I don't wanna have to pay him 4,000 bucks. :/

    I'll sure remember to, IDk, I used to trade a lot in the older generations, but I get bogged down because of how many events and things some people have, and now, its impossible for anyone to fill up their collection. :|
    Hi, sorry, My game broke. I was playing it on the window, you know what to expect ahead. My sister pushed me, and the game fell off the second floor. :|

    Thank you so much for all the trades you've helped me with. Hopefully, I'll earn and buy a new one in the USA during the sale period. :p

    So long, till then!
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