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  • I'm so jelly ~ You'd have your z crystal ; w ; I want that too! I hope they are also planning to distribute the Pika in otber countries with the z stone... I don't see it happening tho :c

    And take your time ~
    Nope xD The Pika is a clone, I had spare ones and it was the first thing I saw in the almost empty box I was in.
    It sure is a satisfying feeling once you get your own shiny ~

    Alright, I will hop on too! And yes, I'd like one back xD.
    Yeah :c It's sad that your schedule is so packed, must be hard to shiny hunt for stuff...

    Yup, that should be correct! ~
    Awww ~ That's too bad. Aipom is such a cute shiny, well when you have time to hunt it again, I'm sure luck will be on your side ~

    Awesome! Thanks! ~
    Okay yeah, the drowsiness is kicking in harder than I thought. xD I must be feeling really tired, haha.
    I'll be heading off for the night, in this case. But we can probably plan a day to pick up my mons from your awesome hyper training services. ^^;
    That went well. xP Thank you for the Shiny Tapu Koko event, and I hope you enjoy the Minior whenever you hatch it~
    And obviously, I'll still be around for whenever the Jirachi/Celebi are done being hyper trained. (In which, thank you in advance for that, too. xD)
    Oh whoa, that was quick! I'm down to settling the trades now, in that case. xD
    I'll add you shortly and will see you in the festival plaza~
    And I just finally got home. x_x; Feeling pretty wiped out after celebrating easter with the family, though, so not sure how long I'll be online before I rest.
    I can also keep checking periodically this evening while I'm lying down in bed, haha. (Through my phone or tablet.) But otherwise, I'm here on and off for the next... say maybe 3 hours or so?
    If I probably don't show up by the time it's midnight my time (which should be around 4 pm your time), you can safely assume I've snoozed off. lol

    Perhaps we can add each other whenever you see this, I guess. xP My FC is 1977-0801-2134! (My ign is Lanayru.)
    I had something close to that, got 2 shiny within the spawn of a week, it was a great feeling, till I had to breed my next shiny... That one took me around 2k eggs before actually it decided to pop out of its eggQwQ'

    Yup, I rechecked! ~ Female is Jolly and Male is Adamant, and I left them unhatched in their eggs c: ~

    Btw, could I ask you to take clones too of the Zangoose and Eevee? 2 clones of each if possible >< ~
    So some last minute change of plans happened behind my back. x.x I was expecting to be home before dinnertime tomorrow, but turns out we're all eating out for dinner, haha.
    Not sure for how long, but I'll keep you updated on when I'm available. o:

    But anyway, sounds good. I'll keep the egg unhatched in the meantime. :]
    Right! That was it ~ Noted it down c:

    I believe the female is jolly and male adamant, but I guess you'd see it after the eggs hatch xD. Yeeeh! It felt so... good? Idk, I was raging the moment before I got it, since everyone around me got their shiny, whilst I was being left behind xD. And then poof, it appeared.
    Alright! I will def be there ~ What did you want to name the Banette again xD? I forgot.

    Oh, right! I actually am rebreeding them, this time letting them stick in eggs, since I finally managed to get my shiny Flabebe!
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