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  • I have times like that too, so I totally understand what you're going through x'D

    Let's take 7pm your time ~ I sadly enough have to work in the evening of my Sunday T w T
    Don't worry about it! ~

    And since Mon is your day off you should have more time then right? We could trade on Mon if that's easier for you ~ What time do you prefer to trade on?
    Hiya! I'm available to trade whenever you are! (I'm guessing something came up. Let me know when a good time for you to reschedule would be.)
    No worries, I'm sure I'll still make it regardless!
    Meanwhile, it was pretty quick but I have your Minior~ Not sure if you wanted it hatched or unhatched, but I do have the egg, haha. It's a 5IV with Jolly nature, 31/31/31/x/31/31; but if you wanted a 6IV, I could try for that, too. lol
    And thanks! Yeeeeah, I was trying to go for Calm nature, but she ended up with Jolly nature. xD I still wanna find a use for this one somehow, because indeed Shiny Cress is so gorgeous~ Nature changer for next generation pls, Game Freak. ;w;
    Yes ~ That'd work for me, I will make sure to keep an eye on the time this time xD Around what time would work for you?
    Hey there. ^^ Ah, don't worry about it! Moving it a day later still works for me. xD (Assuming I get home before then, haha. My family celebrates Easter Sunday, so I'll be out for a good chunk of the day.)
    I'm still working on the Minior, by the way. I thought I had the Jolly parent, but it was on the wrong color. So currently, I'm still trying to breed for the Jolly parent before working on the IVs.
    I was also multitasking between that and my shiny Cresselia hunt in ORAS, which I just finished succeeding at tonight~ Although unfortunately, my synchronizer failed. lol rip me
    Oh, I forgot to ask, but is it ever scary receiving eggs from people and giving shinies in return? XD You never know if people are really giving what they say when it's in an egg. At least you can clone so you won't lose a shiny permanently.

    Also, the last time we chatted a bit, it was about Little Cup. Have you given any more thought to it since then? I've been getting more serious about it lately and reading up on all the differences from standard tiered play. I've also made a (much too long) list of pokemon I'd like to use and even started breeding a few. Would you ever want to have some practice battles with me, or at the very least discuss it a little more whenever you have time? :3
    Yaaay! :D Hi! Might as well do the cloning today. I'm ready in 7th gen to trade first like you suggested last time. :3
    Okay! I was breeding pokemon and watching TV upstairs but I'll be sure to check back again soon so I don't miss you.
    If I'm not mistaken, your 5pm is my 1am (both Wed), which I can make! If you end up being busy, the latest I can be awake is probably 3am, or your 7pm. If you could you VM me that day when you get home, that'd be great -- unless it's past 7pm already, in which case I'll probably be asleep. :p Otherwise the weekend works too :)
    Oh well, not your fault. We can try again next weekend. OR what about this Wednesday? My sleep schedule is all over the place and I just might make it, lol.
    Eeeep! Good to know, I definitely don't want to be redistributing hacks. I appreciate the link! I'll definitely be checking it out.
    And I've replied! :) I'm checking out your shop as we speak!
    ROAD! :) Hi again! I am SO incredibly embarrassed and sorry it's taken me a zillion years to get back to you. I'm getting down to my final semesters in college, so I've been focusing all my time there and haven't been able to dedicate enough to Serebii and trading, haha! I was going through our conversations and it looks like our original trade was for my Shiny Spearow, Shiny Misdreavus, Shiny Krabby, and Shiny Phanpy for your Volcanion, Swirlix, and Houndoom. There was also a mention of you interested in my Shiny Vivillion and my Shiny Fennekin? Eeeep, I do need to keep better track of these, haha!

    If you happen to hop online and want to help me sort this out, or if you're even still interested in trading, please let me know! :) I'll be checking my messages and notifications as often as I can. Thank you so much! :)
    Oh gosh, I totally forgot about the day difference x.x So sorry! It's okay ~ Just send me a VM about when you're available again c: I will be sure to double check the day too this time xD That was actually really silly of me....

    And yes ~ On the modest one would be great
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