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  • Alright ~ Finished breeding the monkeys c: Sorry couldn't leave them in eggs QQ. Was afraid to get shiny of one so I couldn't save before hatching eggs... I'm very close, have hatched over 1.4k eggs, so if I'd get a shiny Passimian... it'd suck for me x'D
    Ooh, hope you enjoyed it! ~ I guess home sweet home then xD.

    Alright! ~ That works for me .w.b Might be my last trade for the next week xD seeing as I'm soon also departing for Holidays ~

    I'm surprised you're fine with Adamant/Jolly, you sure it's these 2 natures right? Because your thingy says Jolly/Impish ~ Just making sure
    Yeah, that's what I'm talking about x'D. It's all over the place, having some issues and if you're on vacation you should enjoy it instead of worrying about trades .A.~

    Yes, your night time is best for me, but I can do both, so u can chose!

    Ooh that so? Not sure because I never tried SOS chaining it ~,Alright Admant M - Jolly F ~ noted c: Will finish it by Saturday ~
    I could keep going to is the bad thing. But like I said, I'm just not playing pokemon like I used to, so it's probably best anyone else do an Adamant Venipede in my place.
    While I feel bad, I'm just having fun with other games. I do think about it, but then I stop thinking about it. And at the end of the day, something else is still inserted into my 3DS.
    If anything I'll keep doing the whole Venipede thing, but more casually, and not because I still want the shiny (because I do), but because I feel like a dealer of Venipede now. Maybe not selling my soul will allow for more shinies to appear, because apparently that's how life works for me :\ You know, stop hoping to achieve it and then it'll just happen naturally.
    Well at the very least you can tell people "Yeah, go ahead and do it".
    My mind has been in the gutter lately x'D, so It's kind of a mess right now.

    So you're free next weekend? ~ Tell me what time is the best for you to trade ~

    Awesome ~ I could breed Passimian, with which ability did you want it to be? You wrote 2 natures, which one would you prefer? If you want I can breed you 2 different ones. (Uuh, this doesn't have to be shiny right? Just making sure xD)
    Hey, remember me? The crazy kid who took months to reach hundreds of eggs and not see even one shiny (or at least, a shiny of the pokemon he wanted to be shiny)?
    Meluvia seems to have you covered, and honestly that's a relief to me. A big relief. I haven't been highly focused on Pokemon for the last month, and I'm only now getting back into the swing of things, despite juggling breeding-mon duties with waifu emblem and Pit the 4th wall angel.
    ...really just pleased to see you managed to get a nicknamable Venipede at all. That's all. If I ever happen across anything interesting, I'll let you know. And sorry I could never achieve the Venipede I promised.
    We... weren't? I thought we were going to trade a Zangoose and Banette, omg was I dreaming?! Wow, that'd be so embarrassing x'D You said you did have some time on Saturday morning so... Oh gosh, I forgot to specify it! I'm so sorry QAQ'!

    Btw, I was wondering, did you rather have me breed something from your list instead?

    I do have a Passimian in Friend ball w/ Iron Head. If you want I can breed that ~ Or the Oricorio w/ Tailwind in poke. Can also breed the Wishiwashi or Drampa ~ is really which one you prefer?
    Omg... I'm so sorry QwQ I didn't manage to stay awake... uhm, will you have time next week Saturday?
    Hello! Nope yours are already cloned and ready to go, just let me know when your ready! :) Thanks for the offer though! Whats your FC and IGN? I can't find them on your thread.
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