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  • Yeah, I need to pull your stuff out and clone it. I'll be on for the next 3 hours, though. Have a trade with Conquer Phoenix and FairyWitch, too.
    Yes you did xD Don't worry, I got them all, save and sound, it all happened on the same day, so maybe you didn't have time to edit it?
    That's true... Hnnggg, word and I never got along, that thing crashed too many times on me when I wrote essays e.e. I swear it was the word! Not my laptop! (I think...) Yes, you should do that! It looks fun ~ there are other texts beside rainbow colors?

    Nope, you're totally clear to where I live, in Europe xD and English is uh... my third language I guess, you call that a third language? My first being Dutch and second Chinese. You really think my writing is natural? Gosh ~ You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that xD. I don't take night courses, I was going to, but there is no such thing around where I live and taking the bus at night is kind of scary. Yeah, I get paranoid really easily. I have no idea if my degree really has a formal name... I just call it plainly ASO degree, seeing as that's what I studied. Right now I study applied linguistics, I guess I want to become an interpreter... Well, not really by free will, but I guess it was the best course for me to take. Dang... I would've been trying to chat you up all the time x'D ~ I never met a teacher before that even touches games. I had a maths teacher that... *shivers* read maths books in his free time and visited maths forums and such.... and everytime he explained Pythagoras' theorem he would be so excited.

    Oh, haha, no I am bad at recommending stuff, since I'm like the type that likes sappy romance stuff and such. Though from time to time I can enjoy horror and action-y stuff. I was just looking for a good beta reader after I finish my story, and wanted it to be a fellow pokemon fan ~ *Looks away*

    Okaaay ~ xD Is there anything else that's not finished yet on your list? I might have a breedject of it, in fact I have breedjects of so many stuff... I'm kind of breed crazed, omg I finally got myself a shiny shuppet ah ah ~ it's so cute!
    Oh Oh! That is so bad*ss! O△O, damn smart way to get around it xD. I should've thought so far ahead and actually, nope, it's not hard to read at all! Well.. at least that one single line isn't xD.

    Yes, English course is much harder than I imaginer it to be. The grammar is actually quite simplified compared to German or Dutch, but it's still hard xD. Gosh, I hate my Dutch and English classes x.x they killing me. I seriously don't really like my language and proficiency course ; ; the teacher there is kind of intimidating... Ooh, I guess there is that option too here, though it isn't... really usual, since the parents always push the kids to graduate university as fast as possible. OMG, I would like you as my teacher x'D, do your students know that you play pokemon?

    Woah, for some reason this was uh, an expected answer x'D Since right after I asked it I was thinking 'with what time would she be reading?' Oooh, I see, a writer huh... hmmm ~ sure sounds fun, I had started a pokemon story loooong time ago, but I am still slowly finishing it, actually, I am always more beta reading it when I try to write more, so I'm really not getting any further x'D.

    Oh, you never told me about the Rockruff x'D.
    Well, at least you'll be able to get the items a few months from now anyway according to the Serebii news. It is just advanced receival with the competitions. I thought about joining, but I'd forget to do any matches or something.
    I guess a change is quite nice from time to time, oh! I really wish they would like make a rainbow colored font or perhaps different tinted shades of one color, that'd honestly be so awesome xD. Would that actually be harder to read though? ∑( ̄□ ̄;)

    Yes! Ain't that the truth! I most of the time I'd reread my sentences and raise my eyebrows at my attempt of typing a decent looking sentence xD. Oh woah... well here it depends on what you studied, sadly enough the course I took required me to finish university before I get an useful degree... my middle school degree was only useful enough for me to get into university =.='

    Oh! Do you ever read fanfiction? Pokemon fanfiction?
    It's ok, I can trade Sunday when I'm off work, around 6pm I should be home, or a bit later that night I assume Monday morning for you
    I've downloaded the Alola Friendly rules and I've been toying with using them with my friends, since all his powerhouses are non-native. Give myself and my pokémon a fighting chance.
    Komala is the only one I managed on purpose. The only other shiny I bred was an Anorith I used to get my Reshiram. I use my Reshiram and my Amphoras competitively but they aren't like, ace competitive. Mostly just goofing around with my friends.
    Right now my only shinies are Gumshoos, Ampharos, Froakie, Reshiram, and Komala. Komala was my first ever~ Masudo Method for the win!
    Yes! Indeed, it is clear for me when I'm on my laptop, since I believe I use the Black and white theme for my computer, but on my phone it's the ice type theme, so it just gets a bit harder to read xD. But hey, I really associate you with light blue now ~ it'd be weird if you'd ever change it D:

    Gosh... so glad that it's at least readable and understandable xD. I know myself... if I try to rush my typing then I sometimes even forgot to use proper grammar or ... I just forget the last part of a whole sentence, like really @.@ don't ask me how... I'm sort of an airhead? Do you even hear people saying that about themselves xD? I'm wondering how I even passed my Engish class with flying colors... the teacher really favored me oddly enough .-. ... Almost my whole class disliked the teacher, even though I thought he was really funny! He sounded like an English man, so in the beginning everyone thought he was an Englishman xD. First year kids always found him so intimidating... he was a teach for 5th and 6th grade middle school tho. Schools are graded differently in Japan right? We have like 6 year elementary, 6 year secondary and university depends.
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