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  • Also, we may have to hold off on the trade for a couple of days, if possible. My external Battery charger broke. I'll be buying one in the evening, so we'll be able to trade anytime tomorrow onward, suitable to you.

    Sorry, I mess it up always. :|
    Hey, thanks! Its just less than a box, but you'll have to hold them till November 11th, if it's not too much.
    I'll be sure to be around at that time. :)
    Hi Road, I have a little request. I was using my friend's Pokemon Sun, and he wants it back. Do you mind holding off a few Pokemon for me till I get a the new games?
    Well okay then. It'll probably keep bothering me for a while, but that's my problem.
    I have a snake and eggs, and you have a bat and food, I can assume we're all happy here (I show my happiness so well). It's at least always a pleasure to do this kind of work, so if anything count on me to be a repeat customer for as long as you need replacing.

    ...unless it's Venipede, where instead I'll just continually hatch for 3 months, go insane, give up, and burn 4 or so months doing other things and get a 5IV shiny electric/bug/cute spider among other shinies and then curse my luck. Thanks again!
    Thank you for the eggs and Seviper.
    I do wanna ask if it's in any way bothersome I keep sending over 4IV and lower shinies. I tell myself "It's okay, Hyper Training exists!" but then I remind myself that that's not the best justification out there (especially when level grinding is such a pain in S/M). I'm thankful you accept them, I just wonder if it's bothersome.
    Well... on the plus side you probably have one extra trade fodder that you probably only have because of wonder trade or something?
    ...I'll just be waiting for the trade request.
    With Aria's clone will be fine. You could probably attach an egg to Seviper, the Aria you return, and two trade fodders, but whatever works for you works for me.
    Yep all I'll request is Seviper. Noibat's name will be Aria since it's what I'm feeling the most, and I'll now get ready to make the trade.

    I'll just be doing Festival Plaza things while you do whatever it is you need to do.
    I'm here... somehow... I napped for a few hours and am now here.
    TBH I usually prefer "real" names, but again anything will work. If you had me pick a name out of your examples, Aria clicked in my head loudest, with Sonicboom being not as loud but still pretty loud. Sylvia and Hyperwings seem names more fitting for other pokemon tbh... why am I being sleepily critical of pokemon nicknames.
    Well whatever. All looks good, only last note that I need to make that I haven't yet is that I do want Noibat returned, if it wasn't obvious. I now need to wake up properly (with caffeine).
    Just sending in now to let you know I'll be on tonight. I'm not sure if I'll be available the moment the clock hits 7 pm, but I will definitely be able to make it within your available times.
    ...also a bit of a selfish request to clone an item with the Noibats. 4 Lucky Eggs + the original, so I guess 5 Lucky eggs total? If that doesn't work then well I tried. Don't even need to be sent on clones of the Noibat.
    ...and Noibat still doesn't have a nickname. I'll enter in anything, but again I've no names that I could give her myself.
    Hey, is now a good time to trade? I got lost watching some shows and well I'm only now remembering I offered to send Noibat over.
    All good then. Looks like the next best time to trade is Saturday, so I'll hold off going crazy on... wait she needs a nickname, right. Have anything you wanna suggest? I honestly have nothing.

    ...anyways, if you will excuse me, I still have to redeem myself (and yes it's a personal thing, don't think I ever mentioned that). I really think things have changed in 6+ months, I can feel it, but if by Saturday I'm spouting nonsense again, at least you know what to tell the investigators.
    ...I think I cringed for a solid minute.

    So it's completely fine to redistribute her, I'd like to ask for the Seviper under UT competitive shinies. Since I'm gonna train her up anyways, I can always send Noivern over with Hyper Trained speed (at no extra cost). Now if you will excuse me, I need to forget that pun ever happened

    Okay, so here is some trivia: I release all 4IV or less pokemon when Masuda Methoding unless they are shiny (thank god for hyper training). All 5Iv pokemon I keep to either Wonder Trade away or, as may have been seen, to give away to others.
    Since I began Masuda Methoding Noibats on the 22nd of August (11 days ago), I have filled up 5 boxes with normal 5IV Noibats. This is at a rate of about 1 5IV Noibat for every... 4 or 6 4IV or less. I don't think either of us wanna do the math, but here's an easy way to put it: Anything is possible... unless Venipede is involved, in which case good luck.
    ...so anyways, got the first Shiny Noibat of what may be many. Female, Frisk, and with a spread of 31/00/31/31/31/14. And now that I have one in my game.. man, I really like Noibat's shiny form.

    If you don't wanna take this one, then I'm probably gonna claim it as my personal Noibat until a better one pops out. I have odd standards where pokemon must be a certain gender, and Noivern is one that must be female or I can't use it. Anyways, back to hatching.
    I believe Pokecheck added the ribbon only to those events with the Event Ribbon for some reason (and to pokemon without any ribbons). Do you want me to remove it for you? Or are you ok? Also I have updated my list. I will post my gen6-7 events on your thread with my wants soon. :)
    Did both of them have the ribbon? Damn sorry, I obtained almost all my gen 5 events on this site back in the day. Do you want me to replace them? It sucks not seeing ribbons on pokebank.
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