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  • Alright! Just tell me when you're ready. I think I have a trade with MechanisticMoth tonight? Thought it was tomorrow, but he mentioned he'll be home in an hour or so to me on his thread. So I guess I'll get both of those done tonight, heh.
    I'll still be up when it hits 2 for you, so that works out if you'd like.
    Sorry about the times, I was converting them in my head and then I was going to work and more numbers and I was just like waaghuhgh.
    Yes, 20th Darkrai in return for clone of Premier Ball Lugia. Gen VII.
    Yes, the number will stand there now, won't change it anymore aside from the ones that already got traded of course. So sorry for being so unclear and indecisive...

    And 6-7pm your time is alright for me to finish things up! If you will have time of course ~
    Don't worry about it! I will take whatever I can get for now ~ And my friend is still awake, I believe, she did message me a minute ago, wait, which name did you decide on again? And did you wish to evolve it when traded back?
    Actually looking at the list, maybe you can make it a bit smaller, it does seems like a lot.

    ○ Zorua - 6
    ○ Feebas 4 (Including the ine for your nickname)
    ○ Mew - 3
    ○ Diancie - 1
    ○ Yveltal - 1
    ○ Xerneas - 1
    ○ Pikachu - 1
    ○ Mawile - 2
    ○ Hydreigon - 3
    ○ Amaura - 3
    ○ Treecko - 3
    ○ Lugia - 2
    ○ Suicune - 2

    Does this actually lessen the load? Sorry for being really unclear... I just get a bit tired and start typing very sloppily xD.
    Like from the list?

    ○ Zorua
    ○ Feebas
    ○ Mew

    And omg, I think u misunderstood me, hahaha how awkward. I meant it as, a clone of the Diancie, Xerneas, Yveltal and Pikachu. The others are fine as it is.

    So sorry!
    3 more of mews pretty please ~ yeah I really really appreciate its legitness xwx Seen so many non-legit ones... nowadays it just annoys me a bit... And uh... 1 more clone of all the others too pretty please with a cherry on the top ~

    Let's now pray that I can get her wake up again, she stopped reacting to my messages a few minutes ago xD
    I'll try to make it tonight if that works.

    ...yeah, not many of the early-game bugs have egg moves. Or can learn TMs. Or are any good to begin with...
    Sure! Take your time!

    Uh... uhm...,D..did you clone the shiny mew and such too for me? I know it's asking for a lot, but my friend also really wanted them ; w ;

    The nickname will get done within seconds ~ if my friend is still awake, it just depends on when you can do a trade back xD Since you're the one with a busy schedule ~
    Yes, glad it got over, I was afraid that I'd get a time out penalty for dc'ing in trade xD Phew, gladly got none.
    Yes ~ It's correct, wait did you also include the clones of the pokemon that you traded to me >.<?
    I see, I see. This is quite a dilemma for you. I don't want to be rude to your friends who you're meeting with while I take up your time with trading, but at the same time, I acknowledge your experience with trading and think you're capable of multitasking.
    However, since you're doing this absolutely for free, I can definitely hold on to our trade for an unlimited amount of time or until you finish meeting with your friends (which I believe is more valuable as I'd probably do the same). Since it's a Sunday, I will be available throughout the whole day. There's no rush in this trade as the Pokémon I want to clone will hold a golden bottle cap and I just want to maximize 2 boxes worth of legendries' IVs. Most of them aren't even lvl 100 yet, so I can wait a lot longer even until next weekend. No worries. ^^
    Well, just to be sure. I work 11AM-8PM Saturday (that now being today) my time, and then I'll be home and will be able to stay up late like I usually do that night, if we can sync then. We'll make this work eventually!
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