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  • Well... technically Weedle doesn't have ANY egg moves... so...
    And believe me, Mega Mawile is a beast if you do nothing to combat it. And I'm just imagining... what if Pheromosa Speed Swapped with Megawile... heeeeeeheeeeeeheeeeee... makes me excited to start breeding the Dream Ball one I got off the GTS...
    If that ever happens to me, you better believe your getting a message as soon as the egg hatches.
    I follow Smogon for moveset ideas, but I've yet to really "follow the metas". Must be Z-Conversion yeah. Change your type to whatever move is at the top and also +1 all stats. But Weedle... I dunno, maybe it's cause we're getting Beedrilite soon? But if that were the case, Mawile should be getting some love to... (I got plenty of that to go toward the Deceiver pokemon)
    ...to be fair, I don't think I'd want to risk getting "Sparkle Butt" even if it were in English. Maybe I should send you a Shiny named Sparkle Butt one day, just to see if you get any willing customers... but yeah I can understand not wanting those characters. Kinda. A little.
    Oh, I see, tomorrow around this time should work too, and since I got a trade planned at around 6 am I don't think I can catch some sleep xD. Or actually, I might as well try, having 3 hours sleep is actually better than nothing e.e
    Oh awesome! I should be updating my list tomorrow during the day. Grad school friends are visiting for a conference, so my schedule's pretty full. I'll take a look at your stuff and letchya know in your shop.
    I actually just cleared out my list of about 15 shinies due to hack suspicion. It sucks, but it's a fact of life when we're kinda semi-professional traders.
    Maybe it's cause we can put Genderless pokes in any ball now? I know I was pounced on when I announced having 7 different pokeball variants of Porygon...
    What? Don't people WANT to risk their precious shiny being nicknamed "Sparkle Butt" in Korean? Oh well, can't win em all.
    And... yeah. When you do any kind of trading in Festival Plaza, you can go into the castle and talk to the trainer that appears at the right-side table for a few Festival tokens. Not easy to remember to do with Link Trades and GTS, but you can get any number of Fest Tokens just wonder trading an entire box of anythings away, especially if you get a Wonder Trade Fortune. Last night I was getting 6 tokens for every Pawniard I traded off, which I traded off about 15 or 18.
    Ah, shoulda figured such on Porygon. I'd like to ask for Weedle then.
    Yep, not much I can do for Salamence's name. I'd like to ask for Grubbin the 7th gen competitive shiny Route 1 bug if that works for you. (A clone back would be appreciated, but not of Floatzel. I'm indifferent to Floatzel's shininess TBH.)
    I'll need to bring Salamence up from 6th gen, but otherwise not sure what else I can do.
    I mostly use WT for the Festival Coins and release those Route 1 pokes. A poor fate they have suffered for the sake of me hoping to get another 5 star building...
    Nonono ~ It's no problem xD I already pulled like an all nighters before for other trades, so I can handle this.

    Ooh, I see, my weekends are usually filled with working part time, which really sucks, since all the fun events and stuff always happens in the weekend T . T
    Yes that is exactly what it looks like! Well, there's an M where R is, but otherwise YES!
    Hm... do you happen to know what pokeball your (Normal Shinies) Porygon and Weedle are in? I'm not asking for both, but Porygon I'd want if it was in something cool. Oh, what about Salamence? Do you want it, or just Floatzel? So much talk about if it's legit and I forgot if you ever said yes or no.
    Honestly I'm so used to getting early-game rats, birds, and bugs from WT that I just don't think I'll ever need to worry about needing to be suspicious. Salamence (as a Bagon) is still the best WT I ever gotten, beyond the occasional breedjects in cool pokeballs.
    ...though I did have one time where my save file was corrupted (or at least Bad Eggs were appearing), and I swore off WTing for a month...
    Don't worry, I already used your awesome time converter and converted it to 5 am my time xD ~

    You sure are very productive every day, I don't think I'd survive if my schedule were as packed as yours Dx. Do you ever get the time to take a breather at all? Σ( ° △ °|||)︴
    Hmm, it looks like the 12pm slot is taken already. I think 12:15 is a good time to trade or once you finish the trade with danooba since it would take a while to trade everything back.
    Yes, 12:15 your time and 11:15 my time sounds like a good trading time for us. ^^
    I'll also add a trade request in your bureau. c:
    Uhhh... it's weird. It uses english letters, but the letter are wider and more spaced apart, but not exactly in the way they would be if it were an actual space? The brackets aren't included, in fact I don't remember why I put them there in the first place.
    I would need to check Fearow again just to be doubly sure (can't check EXP and EVs in Pokebank), but yeah go ahead and take Floatzel. I could probably throw Bottle Caps at Druddigon and call it a Competitive pokemon, but that's a bit of a stretch even for my standards.
    Yeah it was a Bagon when I received it. I think I'd be a lot more iffy with a 6IV level 75 Shiny Salamence completely EV trained just coming over on Wonder Trade. Actually I'd be iffy even if it wasn't shiny...
    EDIT: Yep Fearow has been touched.
    Salamence is ORAS Native (little hexagon). Received from the Daycare helpers and Hatched 12/16/2014 at the Battle Resort. Japanese. OT is... I think it was typed with a japanese keyboard, but it's [nodame] and the ID no is 50619. Alert to sounds. In a regular pokeball. It was level 1 when I got it and had all 4 egg moves on it. No idea why I remember that. Not sure if there are any other details I can cover.

    Banette is Brave (+Att, -Spe). Level 40.
    Druddigon is Brave with Sheer Force. Level 100
    Fearow is Docile (neutral). Level 32
    Floatzel is Relaxed (+Def, -Spe). Level 30

    I don't think any of them are untouched except Floatzel, who I think was a fresh catch from Friend Safari when I got it. Not much I can do about their EXP, but I have a little under 999 of each EV reducing berry in Sun, so I can always throw a few of those at everything.

    I'd be suspicious of Salamence to, but all the details match up with legitimacy, so even if it is a hack then it's a pretty normal-looking hack. I mean, there's hacks you can't tell the difference of, and then there's... shiny Arceus with 6IV, Cherish Ball, the ID no of 20th anni Arceus, and the OT of some guys youtube channel... yes, that was actually a WT I got...
    Ah, yes. Don't worry. It's a busy time of year for me as well.
    Hmm, I think Sunday afternoon would be the best time.
    I don't know it your Wants list is updated, but if it isn't, I'm interested on breeding a new egg for you.
    Nah not one of them can be nicknamed. Most of them came from gen 5 trades or Wondertrade, and the few that I caught myself have already been moved around and cannot return to their OT. But if ya wanna see them, well here they are in all their not-glory.
    That's all of them. I... may have underestimated the number of normal shinies I actually have. If you don't want them, well I'm more likely to use them as GTS bait if I'm honest.

    I might be a little slow on responding sorry, trying to balance breeding and making that list.
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