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  • Nicknames have been set. If you can, i would be interested in a clone of the shiny mimikyu, alolan vulpix, shiny wimpod, shiny grubbin, and shiny salandit. The other 5 i dont need clones of

    Ill be waiting on Gen 6
    Unfortunately I'm not available on sunday, so I may have to catch you some other time. Ah, the fun of different time zones :p
    Hey there! Yaay, he looks great! Yeah, hardest part about HT is getting him to 100 but he's already there anyway lol
    I believe I was giving you a Lugia and an Yveltal for him and the Timid Aldora Zapdos. I also have a Dream Ball HA Lugia that I recently played through Dream Radar for that I would like cloned. As with the Arceus's (Arceus? Arcei?) that you cloned for me I would ask that you not redistribute the Lugia clone, but I am more than happy for you to keep a clone for yourself :) (if you even want it, it has crap IVs lol)
    Its busy. Interesting, yes. I do not get paid for working almost 14 hours a day. :p

    I'll be moving to USA in about 7 months though. :)
    Absolutely! That's no problem at all. ^_^ I'll keep an eye out, I'm looking forward to trading. Thanks again! :)
    Yup, 6th gen! :) Can't wait until Bank is available for Sun/Moon, though! Haha! ^_^
    And of course, I'd be happy to trade you both the shiny Vivillon and the shiny Fennekin! ^_^
    Hiya again! :) I took a look at your shop, and in addition to the Volcanion, I'd also be interested in the following: Swirlix (F, Lv. 30, Modest, UT), and Houndoom (F, Lv. 26, Timid, RC). Would this be possible? :) Let me know, thanks so much again!
    OMG, I am just terrible at this! Haha! I'm STILL alive, if you can believe that! School is finally out for the season, so I'm free for a whole month! I'm STILL interested in trading if you still are, and I'd be happy to trade you the originally four shinies that we agreed on, as well, if you still want them! If not, I totally understand; I can't believe I've been MIA this long, school just totally killed me this year! Anyway, hope to trade with you soon! :D
    遅い返事、本当にごめんなさい。先週、多い試験があったから、超忙しかった 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

    I'm on Skype still, as well as Discord and Steam, if you'd like to IM. Maybe for regular PM messages.. Email, Reddit, or Gaia? (≧∇≦*)
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