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  • No problem at all. BTW, are you still looking for a female impish near-flawless growlithe in a repeat ball?
    hey sorry my internet when down waited to see if it come back up but it didn't till now ... guess we trade later today same time ?
    ありがとう! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
    Welllll. Actually, my first username on here was "BlazikenTyphlosion," haha. Those were the good old days.. Heh.. (not)
    I was seriously considering applying for the JET program, but.. the deadline kind of passed me by. Oh well. I'm hoping to apply for next year.
    Since this is my last semester, I actually enrolled myself in a TESL course at my University. It's been a lot of fun, and especially throughout this class I've been trying to find parallels to how to effectively teach in Japan. During my practicum, though, the challenges posed seem to be a lot different than what would be in Japan, i.e. a diverse group of students from vastly differing socio-cultural backgrounds. Plus, the fact that English is most of their only unifying language, haha. (The students in my class ranged from Cuban to Vietnamese, Ukrainian to Egyptian, etc).
    And, believe it or not, my favorite boss is ~DUMMY~. His theme and personality especially. Lol, I just love him.
    Would you mind if we move to PM? I have a feeling our responses will begin to get longer and longer. (´∀`)
    はい、また日本語を勉強してます 笑w
    Sup! (≧∇≦*) Wow, Seiji is a name I haven't heard in a while. When I see you I usually think of "Mina." Like, the two or three times of the year that I log into Gaia haha.
    And, that's freaking awesome. It's still my dream to work in Japan. ~ I'm basically just taking Japanese classes still to quench my desire, I guess. This semester is my last before graduation tho, so we'll see where things go.
    Undertale is like, one of my favorite vidya games ever. I've only completed neutral & pacifist, tho. Who's your favorite boss so far?
    Hey, just logged on in the first time in forever! I miss you, what's up? C:

    Also, Undertale lyfe.
    Oh well, keep me in the loop! I still have my Raspberries and yours isn't going anywhere. :) I was never going to use it for breeding to begin with, I want to make my legendaries and events viable as well as some of my shinies. Also good luck finding the new cloning method!
    Pft. I'm still interested in Hyper Training. You could also sell an Apricorn Ball cloning service. Those balls are one per game right now, so very rare and sought after. At least for people like me. :D
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