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  • Ok, great! :D I was just thinking about you earlier and then I kept forgetting to message you. >< Anyways it looks like you still have to add my code and we'll be set! (1306-6720-7342)
    I can trade anywhere from now until about 6 hours from now, or otherwise the weekend should be fine as well.
    Absolutely my pleasure! When you said that you liked the Eevees, I tried really hard to send you the good 5 IV ones from my batch, I'm glad that they've got a good home with you. I hope Morrowseer serves you well in Moon! :D Thanks again!
    Awesome, alright! :D Just let me know! If it's not too much to ask for, I've really been eyeing this guy:

    Pokemon Center Online Pikachu (M, Lv. 10, Timid, UT, w/ Light Ball) #

    If it's not too much to ask for, I'd like to have one. Just toss me a trade when you've picked a name either way and I'll get that done for you. :)
    Yeah sure! Sorry I didn't check every single IV on them, so pick some good IV ones to throw back to me! I have like... two boxes full of the suckers and once I found a 6 IV one I just kinda stopped looking. xD And marking. I might be able to find a better IV one if you want. I think I found one with -attack and one with -special attack for example. I tried to throw it at you but I'm not sure which I did, if I did. Whoops!
    I'm so glad that I could share with you, then! Dialga was so hard to spot as shiny. I literally wouldn't have noticed it shone if I hadn't seen the flashing on my screen out of the corner of my eye. I still couldn't entirely believe it was shiny until I had caught it! :D And Modest, too, I was so lucky. Just under 500 attempts too! (492 to be specific!).

    Oh there are Pokemon that can't be obtained in certain balls. Like an Eevee, for example, could never be found in the wild until Gen 6. The balls that Kurt made were exclusive to HGSS, so you could never catch one in, say, a Moon Ball or Love Ball. So the ancestors of any Eevee with those kinds of Pokeballs would have to have been hacked in some way. Personally, I only breed legit, but I do enjoy a small stash of illegal ball combinations because I am a vanity breeder. So, in short, they're good for casual and official games, but most every online community takes issue with it.
    It's worth the wait! Thank you for dealing with all of these trades in a sitting! And yes. The world needs Moon Ball Umbreons! If only it was legal.
    Wind would like 3 Reshirams (1 original + 2 clones) back and I would like 2 Dialgas (1 original and 1 clone) back. :) Please and thank you! I hope you like Eevees. I have many Eevees.
    All's good! I have a ton of trade fodder and I'm not tired yet so I can stick around! :D I'm just Wonder Trading so I'll keep an eye out for you!
    Heyo! I was on yesterday but I'll be on tonight too if you're up for trading! I have Wind's Reshy too. :)
    Awesome name choice. C: I have traded it to Shade, they will trade it to the next time you two are able to trade with one another.
    will do! ill let know if there are stuff i'd want to grab. :)
    and thanks again. from me and mara.
    Hi, I am confirming everything Shade has said and they are relaying a lot of information to me. You can pick a nickname for Reshiram as I would prefer it be non redistributed. Whenever you have a nickname picked, I will trade it to Shade because they will be able to trade with you much earlier than we would be able to. C:
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