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  • Thanks! I love how amused she looks in it, as well as Bonnie sleeping in the background xD
    I want new avatars though, particularly the trollish one I have on my bulbagarden profile ^^
    Will do.
    That sucks. I know how you feel. I do like my job but what I don't like is being yelled at and being treated like I'm beneath everyone else, especially by my coworkers who are on the same level as I am.
    Thank you, I will definitely keep that in mind, especially bc I've been thinking about taking a graphic design course. My mom says she thinks I would be really good at it.
    I'm still a beginner. I did work in a photo studio for a couple of weeks but I kinda got laid off..
    That's good to hear.
    Oh nice. I work in a school right now but I would really love to get an internship to a photo studio. I love photography.
    Hi. Yes, I'm feeling a lot better. I went to see my doctor and he gave me a perscription for a nasal spray. It's been working really well.
    Hey nice catch! There's only one thing though. It doesn't seem like you can see the Vermillion bay from Saffron. Though of course, I could very well be wrong. After all, Tokyo city has Mt. Fuji on one side, and the sea on the other. This picture seems like a reference to the mountain side.
    Yeah. It mostly only occurs now, during the spring. That's when the pollen is bad.
    Oh nice.
    Hi. Pretty good but my allergies are starting to act up. How about you?
    Not yet. Sorry, I've got a lot going on now and I haven't had the chance to but I promise you that I will.

    Thank you and I don't know, he's six so I don't know if he has any idea what's going on. I heard his father did tell him but I don't know if he understands the situation.
    Thank you.

    Have I ever told you that I work in a school? One of my student's mother was killed in a car wreck on Sunday. That's who the wake is for.
    Sure, send me the link and I'll read it when I can. Just to let you know, it probably won't be today because I have to go to a wake after work.
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