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Rock Captain 99

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  • Awesome! I like getting people into things i like without even trying to hard to! :D

    Ah. I love pokemon games! I may play some y in a little while. Have to play it before my brother wakes up...due to free movie channels lol

    I find it so fitting that gay also means happy due to my crush on korrina and the events of yesterday XD
    4 months doesn't sound so bad :)

    Yes, it was just temporary. I was thinking about her laying down, and she is adorable to me in every thought i had! especially showing off those tight shorts of hers. mmm...

    Thanks! I really like how she looks there XD and her hairstyle is extra hot there too it remind's me of riku (a former crush on mine!) a little. But better.

    Ohhhh thats interesting o.o

    Shalour city has the most peaceful sounding pokemon town tune ever. Fact.
    I remembered what i dreamed last night, finally, but it had yucky parts, so i'm not so sure i wanna post it online... :p

    August 16th. Awhile from now.

    I'm getting my monthly visitor which may explain why i felt less attracted to korrina before bed last night o_O monthly visitors=hormone wreakers...lol

    Also i may make a post in the LGBT club sometime about my crush on korrina and how she's been helping me get more emotionally better and how i feel she's a blessing to my life even if i don't feel stable enouth quite yet to read other people's posts in that club.
    Soo true.

    I still don't remember my dreams at much D: i feel its a health issue for me when i don't remember them....(as i used to always remember my dreams like all my life)

    I wonder if i'll really ask my mom about getting neon street rollers for my birthday sometime o.o
    I hope the forum works again soon its acting weird tonight and i flooded a friend over it D:
    I'm even happier now that i get to see korrina's episodes on youtube again :D they made them shorter again so they load on my puter okay now^^ sadly, the video doesn't load right if i make the screen big, but even as a small sprite (the video is pretty small in size) she's adorable hot determinend (HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT?) personality too just like past crushes of mine as a teenager <3
    Didn't wait till tonight. Just started it a few mins ago! well i'll be counting up my days for it to be accepted. I may of made some mistakes on my post, but hopefully they won't matter....its not like i can't edit it again if its accepted?

    Magical Girl anime...pretty much female super heroes that fight using magic and wear poofy dresses! stuff like sailor moon and card captor sakura.

    I love how i'm getting you into things i like xD
    Rainbow Dash!! and Pinkie Pie :)

    Yeah i'm gonna watch more dogtv in a little while. I plan on starting my korrina club tonight. I'm sure i'll be more winded down from holiday excitement/sugar by then :p

    Also may look at some korrina images before i get off the computer.

    And watched an awesome magical girl anime a little while ago :)
    I don't know yet. I have a headache still :< So i've been holding off due to that o.o

    Yeah pinkie pie is awesome :D good choice
    Good night!

    I look forward to hearing who your favorite pony is sometime when you've seen enouth eps :D
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