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Rock Captain 99

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  • Yay, someone to talk ponies with :D i'm glad that came for me as i started to calm down^^ *bro hoof's you*

    Yeah, such a nice online group :D

    Korrina is so hot and sexy i just love her so much x3
    I'm okay now. And i don't have to make a pony club, i rather just make a korrina one. I'm okay if i don't have others to talk ponies with; lets face it, for years, i didn't even have friends to talk girly things with. I'm just glad i fit in on this forum and no one gives me heck about who i am like on other forums i went on. In the end, thats what really matters.

    And those videos sound so cute :)
    ...Fairy, actually :[ lol xD really...i think fairies are badass :3

    I wish there were more pony fans here. I don't wanna go back on ponyverse....i was kinda picked on last time i was there. And my good friend there that i had a lot in commen with ended up leaving :/ for a good reason, to give to charity, but still. I don't wanna leave serebii's...not when i felt i really belonged here :< why do i have to be SO INTO PONIES right now...-_-

    *idea!* maybe i CAN find pony fans here...o_O Start an mlp fan club? :D That and korrina...will make me busy. but it will mean i don't have to go back on ponyverse...

    I'm gonna listen to some non pony music.
    Garchomp, i could never beat him on random online match ups on my white game lol. I must say, he's pretty cool. Likely one of the ground types that appeals to me more (not much of a ground or poison type fan lol)
    OH! darn, i forgot! *face palm* why do i forget the importent stuff??

    yeah i even commented on me being a hydreigon in my profile now xD puppet master...

    And maybe we could rp battle sometime. :p and, for the lulz of it...maybe i'll rp korrina with a hydreigon. even if its not a fighting type :p

    Yeah hydreigon is awesome, might be my favorite dragon again right now xD just due to the lulz of my still being named after it haha
    On the plus side to this...i guess...hydreigon is still one of my favorite dark types xD or dragon types. it is a pretty cool pokemon, i've raised two of them^^

    So whats your friend code for your 3ds? Just pm it to me, since i don't have my notepad up here to write it down in :p It'd be fun to battle you. I'm curious what your taste in pokemon is.
    My Little Pony is a popular cartoon on discovery family XD it has cute girly ponies in it and a lot of male fans :) You may wanna check it out sometime if you're a fan of cute things.
    I'm doing AWESOME! :D My love for korrina has been helping me. I don't seem to get so upset over anything anymore^^

    In about an hour i'm going to be watching tv. Oh and my little pony is all new again today! Two episodes. I look forward to it so much, as i am a HUGE pony fan XD
    No, i'm pretty loyal to cute yet badass type pokemon xD and anyway pikachu beat korrina's mega lucario when no one else could :p i have great respect for that.

    Lucario seems like my 3rd fav, though :)

    Those two pokemon and adorbs!
    Yep! I like chocolate best, though :) For awhile, i liked butter pecan best, but now...i craaaave chocolate so much more X3

    Yep! And Pika's in second :)
    Yeah. It just feels weird cuz also she's more girl like than other girl crushes i've had look wise, anyways... XD But not everything is black and white :p

    Yeah such a cool arc! Animated images of her are fun too :D

    I may go nap soon i feel kinda dizzy. I may eat some ice cream first, though! I have vanilla flavor left, it tastes like cookies :3
    It feels weird cuz i have like a huge crush on her...XD; not just a fan. I guess it feels weird cuz i mostly like males that way, or something? *shrug* Really shouldn't feel weird either way.

    I may have to delete your other post for the sake of my not having anxiety attacks^^;;; and its fine you didn't know. and i tollerate that word better if i see it in books. Reading it online, though, i feel too many iffy memories....i do have a lot of iffy memories relating to people i knew online anyways and honestly i don't get why i haven't gaven up on it yet *shrug* no more negative now :p Do you like korrina too?
    Umn, please don't use the word 'h*te' around me again. I get...really jumpy when i read that word x.x I'm trying to get over it more now, but yeah...

    Yeah me wuvs korrina lol sometimes it feels weird how much i like her but oh well (i'm autistic and get black and white about things a lot. korrina has been helping me get over that, though :))
    I like kirby games, pokemon games, and super smash brothers melee! The 3rd game mentioned being my most played.

    I'm going to guess your favorite character in the anime is meowth by your av :p I like...Korrina. hahaha
    Hi! I accepted you as my friend :3 You make neat posts! What are some video games you like?
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