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  • hey there :) thought I'd pop a random message to you! Saw your post in the adult pokemon group and it kind of stood out because you wrote more than most :p Always nice to see fellow Pokefans my age :)
    Yeah, I'm mostly doing it because it's a way to de-stress from prepping for college graduation, having to be an "adult" and find a real job. Oh, and I feel like I knew you before on my old user name here. It was Shiny_Swellow, but it probably either got deleted or I forgot my password since my laptop was broken for roughly a year.
    Just go ahead and start it. Someone had already posted a Pokemon Academy fic before I did. I was just lucky enough that they aren't very active :) All ideas have been tried before. It's all about how you present the idea
    I'm mad bored and I need to de-stress from job hunting and other stuff. If I get a lot done tonight, maybe have a battle on the DS or Wii? I can send my FC when I have more time.
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