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Recent content by RocketKnight66

  1. RocketKnight66

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light [COMPLETE]

    Time for another trip on Necky's Wild Ride™! Sorry this took so long, but I'm finally here. Chapter 57 Chapter 58 Bonus #13 Well, there ya go. Again, I'm sorry this took as long as it did. I hope you like what I wrote! Of course I'll keep reading on, but I think I'll go back to giving...
  2. RocketKnight66

    Love and Other Nightmares

    Hello! Sorry for the wait, but I'm here to give that prize review for MMM! Typically I'm not into trainer fics, but I found the premise of this one to be pretty interesting. So to start, we have Kyurem talking with someone. Kyurem is in trouble and he seeks help from a girl who's suffered a...
  3. RocketKnight66

    Missing Mod Madness: A Reviewing Roleplay Game

    I'm not really 100% sure about that last stand, so I'll keep it simple. Considering himself, Owen, and Delirious have been working as a team, he'd probably continue helping them out. He isn't afraid to do some fighting of course, but his main priority will be working together with the others.
  4. RocketKnight66

    Missing Mod Madness: A Reviewing Roleplay Game

    Managed to get a couple more in, I just managed to hit that magic number of fifteen! ^_^ [One-Shot] Legends (For the challenge) Mongrels in Castelia As for what Takato's last-stand will be, I will figure that out after the story update.
  5. RocketKnight66

    Mongrels in Castelia

    Decided to check this one out, and it's certainly quite the ride for a first chapter. I've heard about the concept of humans with Pokémon blood, although I hadn't read anything about it for myself. It seems like an interesting idea, though. It seems these people are being hunted by the...
  6. RocketKnight66

    [One-Shot] Legends

    This was a pretty great story for me to go through. So we have the starters of who I presume to be Red and Blue, and they're some hundred or more years old. I'm not used to thinking of Pokémon that old, but it's honestly pretty interesting. The flashbacks were just very good, they definitely...
  7. RocketKnight66

    Missing Mod Madness: A Reviewing Roleplay Game

    Got a nice few reviews in so far this week! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation (Chapters 2 & 3) System:Reboot (Chapters 3 & 4) Pokemon:Life (Chapter 3) Should have some more soon, and of course I've got that challenge to fulfill.
  8. RocketKnight66


    Moving on to Chapter 3, and it kicks off with a fairly rough training session. That's how it's gotta be though when you have a phantom thief to fight in a few hours. It certainly turned out well I'd say. Cuthbert is still a jerk, but he certainly knows his stuff and helped out a fair bit with...
  9. RocketKnight66

    System:Reboot (PMD)

    I have returned to have more fun reading this fic! Chapter 3 Chapter 4
  10. RocketKnight66

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation

    Alright, I'm back to read more Hands of Creation! Chapter 2 Chapter 3
  11. RocketKnight66

    Missing Mod Madness: A Reviewing Roleplay Game

    Alright, got a couple of reviews in... Pokemon:Life (Chapter 2, qualifies for the challenge) The Alola Pokedex Also, I have a question. How long am I able to wait to redeem prizes?
  12. RocketKnight66

    The Alola Pokedex

    Time for the Litten line, my favorites of the Alola starters. Right away, I like that they're mentioned to be the friendliest of the Alolan feline Pokémon. Yup, they just show affection in their own ways. ^_^ Champion Luna has an Incineroar? I don't actually know who that is, I'm guessing it's...
  13. RocketKnight66


    Okay, Chapter 2 time. Wire's already caught a new Pokémon, but it seems he's not too fond of it, going as far as trying to trade it off to the nearest person. Certainly a bit harsh, but maybe he'll warm up to it later? Then there's the part where they get held at gunpoint, which very much...
  14. RocketKnight66

    Missing Mod Madness: A Reviewing Roleplay Game

    Managed to squeeze in a few more reviews just before the cutoff this time! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light (Chapter 56) Pokemon:Life Pletora's Story
  15. RocketKnight66

    Pletora's Story

    Decided to check this one out tonight, it's pretty interesting. There's already a bit of worldbuilding going on and I like the way the landmarks were presented. The "Red Death," huh? and it takes one of it's victim's organs supposedly... that'll be interesting to find out more about, but it...