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  • I'm getting more of a AG crossed with DP vibe from this series, personally.

    I think Ash is more or less the same as he was in AG, only now stripped of his depth of character and emotion, in XY for the most part.

    I can agree that I wouldn't want to see a clone of Max, but that said, I would like something more...deep and less superficial, from the character Bonnie that I'm just not seeing-- the cute act just doesn't cut it for me.

    I'm just appalled at Serena in the Anime lol: if the PokeVision stuff turns out to be Clemont shooting photos of her in skimpy outfits and clothing, then I'm giving up on her, personally.
    You're welcome, and no problem. :)
    Honestly, I am hating it-- Ash is surprisingly okay/decent here so far (I can't say he's any better or worse than this, though), and I think Clemont is excellent. However, Serena is just absolutely horrible as a female heroine for a variety of reasons, Bonnie lacks any remote depth and substance that Max did have...I get the feeling she's just here to be "cute" as well as "adorable," but I don't care much for her act, and finally TR is back to the way they were in DP in XY to me, only at least they don't pop up as frequently now, but as you know I'm sick of their antics in this form. Yourself?
    Hello, dude, thank you for the friend request! Judging by your username I am guessing you have read my story? :)
    I appreciate how sincere and honest you were about how you felt-- let me just say I know certain other TR fans [on BMGF] that will attack anyone who disagrees with them on the three and call the rest of us idiots for liking TR better in certain other formats.

    AG TR was good enough to me and I rank them third although I think after Season 1 they started getting kinda awful, OS TR was the best in my eyes, BW was the second best, but I just can't stand DP or XY TR in any form for some reason (well, outside of Cacnea and Dustox's release eps. in DP) lol.

    No problem! ttyl later. :)
    Thanks for the input in my thread, gal: really appreciate it!

    I miss the OS and BW TR, personally: heck, even AG TR was good enough-- DP and XY TR make me so upset that I...no offense.
    I need someone to find out what my Friend Safari type & Pokemon are. If you could help me out, my friend code is 3196-3352-8113 (Dee). PM/VM me if you find it. Thanks
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