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  • I apologize for calling you an idiot. The reason I called you that is because you get so "passionate" about a subject that you tend to ignore other facts. As a result, you tend to vehemently attack others who do not agree with you.

    Phione's situation should be clarified, sure, but until then we're all unsure about its status. Next time a situation arises, perhaps you should give reasons as to why it points towards being a legendary, as well as included its official undecided status. It would make you come across as more pleasant and not a bigot.
    And he countered as to why it wasn't.

    You need to understand that, although you are correct as to why it should be a legendary, officially, its status is undecided.
    Hey Rocky how have you been? I have promised you something but i didnt have any time at all...I am terribly sorry BUT i am available the whole August :)
    oh cool looking for a golett also its the last one i plan to catch so far asu could see i already pre planed its moves
    oh and for my poke i always do 2 types it has for its moves like to fire and if the pokemon has a second type for its moves ill add on of that like a fighting move for a fire/fighting poke and 1 normal move. if it has only 1 type ill give it any great move thats different for diversity
    why are u at 7 badges with only 4 pokemon? kinda weird but cool to me at the same time. i dont like when people feel they need to catch or evolve to every cool pokemon to win
    Yeah, I checked it out. I personally don't go their because one ******* (Lady Gardevoir on SPPf) advertised for it and then I am kind of biased against the whole site. The only reason for me to ever join that site is to troll it :)
    However I would have said to him that Raikou's teeth are as long as smilodons,(the most common thought of), and that he should look up chinese guardian lions and still don't see the similarities between it and Entei.
    And lastely but not least, ask him if he actually know that "the legendary dogs" are a fan term.

    However my advice is that you disappear from that site as it seems it is just flooded by jerks.
    yeah i noticed because anyway the disscusion front page does say that only post shiny pokemon that you got...so the one post rule does make sense...but people due just ignore the rules on the first page...yeah i think bobanbill is mad at me too...wasn't really trying to start anything at all...
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