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  • Hey, I bet you know you know Lunar too. Shee good and a dirty Chinese friend of mine.!

    -Alex Amaterasu
    Cus he cool and also has experience in making clans. All praise the almighty Rocxidi. I know you be good at battling like I am. I noticed your a friend of Suhnny btw. He cool and almighty too. Like that faggot Thor.
    That dirty Chinese is so 69 of the eyes ugly like 3 day old bad Chinese food. He'd say so 666. -Psilo
    I miss the Garzuh ab2 days of verbal debate. And I know you're a smarmy lad like them who should be a part of my crew. It'll be a Crimson Fury type thing for the sake of gangsterness and languagological etiquette. I'll message them and Honus as well cus I wanna bring all the real gangster battlers back. And ain't no name as gangster as Rocxidi. I already messaged EK.
    Are you the almighty Rocxidi? The coolest **** poster ever? I've heard of you and you impressed me as a funny smarmy lawyer archetype a la Jim Carey. "And I'd like a smart person like you in this clan im planning on making for the sake I battling section activity." Haha! Get it?
    Please help me with this gangster ass team I I just made cus I know your a hidden legendary battler.
    Are you gonna update the Claim a Video Game Song Thread master list again? I wanted to make a claim but I'm hesitant to since you haven't updated the master list in so long.
    February 17th. Some challengers have posted in the league to be told when it officially opens, but I've asked leaders to have their teams ready by that date. And yes you can change your totem at anytime but I have to be told when you do since challengers need to know.
    Good game xD
    Looks like I have a lot to improve on my team. Also I did lots of mistakes.
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