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  • I think tinted lens venomoth is better than volcarona.
    tinted lens makes resists null and void, so the boosts will hit harder. I could breed you a pretty nice one ;D
    no guard hurricane though.
    mega pidg would plow through it even with sub. Gotta admit wasn't expecting the screens to help volcarona (obviously they did but what I mean is the stategy itself to let it set up)
    I need to apply this with klefki, I use him on at least 2 teams. But I usually don't bring in set uppers I usually bring in the checks/counters to whatevers on my opponents side. Hmmmmmmmmmm
    just goes to show that bisharp isn't afraid of a few bugs. Celebi on the other hand, he cowers in fear at the mere mention of her name ;P
    so could've done better but I was scared of e-quake. also if you plan on sticking to the sticky web strategy you might try galvantuala, it's less useless. or add toxic or something. shuckle's too passive
    I will come up with the most evilest of teams for you to face >;D
    gets 6 talonflames
    why can't anyone ever give me a latias ;A;
    stupid getting latias early, stupid eon ticket being impossible for me to get. Ugh why do they make such great pokemon unobtainable competitively for me :c
    (Claps) GG you played well there is no more to say you have won the Hard Body Badge
    Ok I think I should start back challenging the E4 again with being said one more before we begin (snaps neck) "Man it's been awhile RIGHT YOU READY TO ROCK OUT WITH WEGOOO!!!!"
    No problem just let me change my team I just needed to play with my dragon team I'm going to be ready in a minute is this another test battle or a gym battle.
    No thank you, Skarmory will take a while because it's a SoulSilver exclusive and I'm still trying to ID abuse it.
    Good game Dircio. Holy crap that Salamence of yours is scary. If you get those screens off and take the initiative, the other person needs a lot of luck to have a chance.
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