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  • your box is full

    Here is the message I was writing to your last PM

    I am online now I am in AUstralia so we don't always connect up but if we schedule it can be online when you are :)
    May I please add you to my friend safari?
    I have the fairy type :3

    Please let me know~

    Your message inbox is full, so I'll answer it here

    I've asked for your friend's FC - it's 4098 - 2410 - 5379, right?
    Just ask her to add mine, please! 0044 - 3638 - 4020, ghost type safari!

    Thanks a lot!
    Hey, if u still want a male Dratini w/ ExtremeSpeed for a DWF Dratini, just letting u know that I'll be breeding it on my White 2 today- PM when ur available to trade!
    I know some type of interaction is needed to record the data. A junk trade works best.

    Yes please :) any Friend Codes help ;). I think you'll be my 10th too. FC is Black 2: 5373-2438-0457
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