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Last Activity:
Jul 11, 2019
Oct 22, 2008
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Wandering Trainer, from Great Southern Land

~Roey~ was last seen:
Jul 11, 2019
    1. FireTrainer92
      Hey the SK's 10 year anniversary is approaching and I want all available former members to kind of come to together and fellowship and see where everyone is in relation to long time that's passed. I created a discord
      https://discord.gg/NZbuKTP for us to congregate and talk as we count down.
    2. Noheart
      Sorry for the six months late reply lmao. I've been busy with school and being a flagger (someone who directs traffic during construction), and thought about getting a 3DS and getting back into the monz. I'm glad you're doing well bro. I reminisce about this place and SK quite frequently. They were truly part of some golden times in my life and I wanna thank you for being apart of it
    3. Pathfinder
      I liked Knights of the Eternal Throne, but I was kind of hoping they'd make the taking of the eternal throne a raid because we haven't had any new ones since Shadow of Revan. I really love Sun and Moon though I've been playing it as much as humanly possible. Haven't seen Rogue One yet, but a friend is taking me to see it tonight. What are your thoughts on them?

      Merry Christmas to you man, hope you have a great holiday :)
    4. Noheart
      Hi LC, it's PK! How are you man?
    5. Pathfinder
      gl at Worlds this weekend old friend
    6. Pathfinder
      Dude that's so awesome! CONGRATS!!!
    7. Pathfinder
      that's funny lol

      gj on becoming the runner up, sorry you didn't win the whole thing
    8. Pathfinder
      Just saw it today finally!

      It was like everything I wanted it to be and so much more. Beautiful might even be an understatement lol.
    9. Pathfinder
      Ya Vitiate/Valkorian is way way more interesting now , and you're def right about Vaylin. She's the real threat imo.

      HK-55 was surprisingly one of my favorite things about the expansion. I really wasn't sure I'd like him when it was announced there'd be another HK companion because I thought he'd just be thrown in there for the people that were too lazy to get HK-51..but he is a totally different droid and from that "Meatbags can't fly" scene on I was sold.
    10. Pathfinder
      I am having so much fun right now man. Like I downloaded it first thing when I got home from work and didn't stop until I finished Chapter 9 on my Sentinel early yesterday morning x)
    11. ~Roey~
      Just started Chapter 9 of Fallen Empire - really liking the story elements and the serialised plot. Your thoughts?
    12. Pathfinder
      Cool! I've been playing as Combat Sentinel after all the changes they made to Watchman, but I might use the level 60 boost and play as a Guardian as well
    13. Pathfinder
      Oh god yes lol. Been ready since the announcement really and I've just been killing time leveling through the class stories I never played

      Did you see the season premier of Rebels?
    14. PokeN3rd
      vgc champ? good lord. i can't even be the champ of my own breakfast table. good to hear you're well. i'm doin pretty good, just ****in around outside of school and what not. good to hear you're doin alright
    15. Pathfinder
      Oh sweet I forgot that was this weekend, good luck!!!!
    16. Noheart

      Its PK

      WHATS UP?!?!?!?!
    17. PokeN3rd
      LC you haven't posted anything this was the worst stalk of all time v__v hope you're doing well
    18. Pathfinder
      Yup and I resubbed too! It finally became the game I always wanted it to be in Shadow of Revan and now we're getting a real expansion with 16 new chapters too. How could I say no lol
    19. Pathfinder
      Eh I've had better days , but I'm ok man how've you been?

      I haven't been keeping up with Arrow and Rebels as much lately , but the last few episodes of the Flash have been awesome with Firestorm and Grodd at the end. That was so freakin cool x).
    20. Pathfinder
      At the end Cisco kinda alluded to there being two of them as well so that sorta makes sense. I think one of them is like a Future version of Eddy who married and lost Iris somehow due to the Flash and the is Professor Wells. That's more of running theory , but it kinda makes sense after everything esp with the plugs to Connor Hawke too in a couple episodes of Arrow and in the Arrow/Flash crossover thing that we'd see like a future episode soon and maybe they'll even introduce Wally since they are basing alot of this on the new 52 stuff.

      Also Happy New Year! :D
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