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  • Yuppp. I'm especially curious as to what they're going to do on Arrow after the last couple minutes of that midseason finale.

    I hope you're doing well too , Happy Holidays <3
    I've been following the Flash Series religiously x). He's like my favorite superhero right now lol. Well besides Superman anyway.

    I've been doing ok , just kinda wish I could sleep until next year
    I finally sat down and watched a few eps of Rebels. Man you were not kidding about how good it's , so far I like it better than the Clone Wars already even x).
    I'm def gonna have to check it out then , it looked really awesome from what I saw in the teasers
    I haven't actually , had a rough last week but I'm starting to bounce back now. What did you think of it?
    Apparently Revan is coming back too , they just uploaded a new vid on the SWTOR fb page called " A Deadly Force Returns"

    I may not be done with TOR yet lol
    Roeeeeeeeeey! I'm doing really well actually I haven't felt this happy well ever lol :D haha. If I could only learn to stop being an insomniac and quit waking up so much in the middle of the night I'd be good to go x).

    I have actually called a quits on TOR at least for now. A friend of mine dragged me back into World of Warcraft for the end of the expansion and the start of Warlords of Draenor and I'm making one more playthrough in x before oras.

    How have you been doing old friend ? :)
    Sometimes I wish the new 52 never happened. I really liked the direction they were going in with Grayson as Batman and Damian as Robin.

    Also Season 1 of Young Justice is on Netflix.
    Sorry for the uber late reply.

    That's sad news about Aaron Allston D;

    I gave up TOR too , and I've been getting heavily interested in the Elder Scrolls lore while I'm waiting for the The Elder Scrolls Online to come out . Other than that nothing has changed here for me . I did get a shiny chespin starter when I restarted X version again over christmas break though , and I've been slowly making progress with that. That's the first shiny I've ever gotten on my own too XD. Didn't even have to soft reset for hours on end either.

    I don't know if you have Netflix , but they added Star Wars : Clone Wars series on there including the unaired final season. I've been watching it from the beginning =D
    Don't think I have either of those, I'd need to find my White cart and do some hidden grotto RNG to get them (idk if Gible is hidden grotto though, lol).

    As for things over here, pretty good -- doing 40 hour work weeks to bring in the cash to pay for Uni and breeding my XY team.
    hey LC! I've updated the thread quite a bit since you've last seen it, and one of the new things is a shop. If you could put your request for that Rotom in the thread that'd be cool because then it would create an example for how to make / fulfill a request and show the purchase of something. I've got your rotom done btw
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