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  • Dude that's Great!!!!!! And it sucks that your out of work. Keep your head up God will provide. Been doing ok could be better but things will get better. I've been playing VCG a lot. Yea jets pointed me at MD. Would love to join but not active enough
    Well, how about an hour later than the time of my current message? From then on, I can be available until 3 hours later, too. So... how about we set the time between those three hours? If not, could you tell me when you are available?
    Hey LC long time! Just completed my first year at university -- just enjoying the summer. How have you been?
    Sounds good mate! I'll be on tomorrow morning for a bit before i head out to work so hopefully I'll catch you on then. Wifi battle in 4th or 5th gen? Might need to actually make a team for 5th haha
    Welcome back to the fray mate! Wasn't sure if you would actually come back, but seeing the gang all back on here made me decide to as well. Good to have you back!
    Oh wow, you're still around? I am admittedly impressed.

    I'm fairly good, little to complain about (for once!) Exams are seemingly going well as it stands, and my predicted grades tell me I have more than enough for the University I want, especially considering my predicted grades told me I was more than good enough for Oxbridge, so everything is going quite swimmingly, once you exclude the fact that last weak I have 11 exams over 8 days. How about you?
    Hey LC will you be using VGC rules?? Cause normally I'm doing doubles on the GBU too. In the last tourny I placed 738th with a crappy team. I'll get BW2 here in a few days and enter those tourny's soon.
    ooh, GMT +11 will be tricky <.<

    GMT -5 here (US EST) Friday looks good, idk when then tho, since time zones so different
    Just dropped by to see if anyone still used Serebii. This is a crazy world, man. Figured before I had no chance of contacting everyone I'd let everyone know how much I liked 'em. You were a cool guy LC, made me think quite a bit over. Ended up going from a straight C student to a straight A student and graduating with high honors. You pretty much made me try harder and you're supposed to tell those people. This seems like a good time. So thanks for being a good role model for me back when I was like 14. Feels weird to say that to some guy in Australia who I only knew through playing Pokemon, but it covers it I guess. Thanks man :D
    That's awesome, man. How is the project going? I've been good. I don't know if you remember, but I was always you. Only 15 now, actually. Not much has been going on, honestly.
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