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  • Ahh so is he the leader of the other with that ship was talking about? Or is there another group? Wait he was in the temple looking at Luke fight so he's part of the lost tribe. But not a high lord???
    Wow, WOW WOW!!!!! Who was that man? They never said, who he was and how did he know how to go beyond the shadows? Jacen is still angry at Luke. Now there's over 30 of those little things. I don't wanna say more cause I don't know if your done yet.
    OMG she ha 3 different bodies and see's into the future and the queen Killick is scared I her Eventhough she imprisoned her originally. This book has me spinning.
    I'll look at those later today when I get home. I didn't sign up for the tourny. Kinda glad I dis t with everything that is going on right now. I don't have time to deadicate to building a complete team for it. But I LOVE playing on the GBU :)
    Well Im thinking about having some kinda of reunion meet and greet with the old SK's once I get a hand on them. Think you'd want to join in if you have the time?
    I see now. Cause I now there is a X-Wing book due to come out in a few months that and a Old Republic book. So I'll wait till then.
    No I haven't read that chapter yet. I just got finished reading Revann and now I'm reading bot pleaguies. I don't wannt spoil anything.
    I am concerned that they haven't come out with a listing of the new chapters yet. Right now we will have to wait till next year to see what happens
    I know I can't wait!!!! I'm keeping busy by reading Revan. That man is/was very mixed up!!!
    I'll upload a classic come from behind rotation battle I had last night where slowing won it for me. And I used a random team :)
    I'm taking a break to recharge from college, I was doing great for a while (16 and in college... now 18) but I hit a slump.

    99% of the way? How so?
    I'm something like 5% to getting my first payed job; I've only been doing volunteer stuff until now.

    Oh, where to?

    I've been doing a lot of writing lately (Pokemon stories of all things; I'm so lame). Though, man, going through those old threads makes me want to write up a... dramatic dramatization of our clan stuff. No romance though (thank goodness).
    Oh wow I've got to stop reading the conversations between you and Goku..... I don't wanna know what happens in Revan!!!!!! :)
    Yea it's in my wish list. I just picked up Decieved last week and OMG the Sith are completely......SITH!!!!!! My head is still spinning and I'm only 8 chapters in to the book. Baldy told me to read Revan (book 3 of the old republic) which I am cause I've watched the vids about the game and WOW!!!! I'm doing good.
    You know what happens when you Google my username? You find the old, deleted SK threads. *Time Warp*

    Hey, Caedus. =) What's happening?
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