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  • your larvesta is ready for trade so just message me when your ready ^_^ up late finishing up my shop requests about to go to bed i be on all day tommorow after 11am
    ahh kk since weedle was already accepted in zold's shop guess doesn't need anymore XD however i should be opening my shop back up for requests again soon which i do take regular ball choice trades doesn't have to have to be iv breed ^_^ so if you still need that caterpie i can help you out there XD
    Just wondering, but where did the picture that features in the banner in your sig come from? I can't find it in any of the trailers.
    are you just looking for a sport ball caterpie or want it iv breed with the sport ball? i did breed that awhile back in my oras before i mean i can just transfer my sport ball adamant/jolly one over and breed you a spare if you want random ivs if not sorry to waste your time >.> I just saw your post in zold's shop which he litterly has most of the of stuff you offer and wanted to help out ;) i plan on moving over some mons from my oras to breed for my shop for requests anyway so thought to ask you
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