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  • All man, I know that feeling all too well ^^; I hope you did well Rogue and you do well in your other classes as well. Okay, I will try and check it again then. I don't know why either :(
    Oh okay, that's good to hear. Also nothing on here, but I will check my email right now and respond if it did. I hope collage has been treating you well. Red has been keeping me up to date.
    Hey, Rogue... ummm, are you upset with me? I see you were on recently and you haven't replied to my PM yet or are you just busy? If your busy, then don't worry. I just hope you aren't upset with me :( I'm sorry, I should have just kept my issues to myself. I shouldn't have burden you, again I'm sorry.
    A cabin would be nice. Especially with a movie about a cabin ^_^ Though if Red is around, then never mind... he love's scaring people and that mix wouldn't go well O_O

    That's understandable, same for us.

    Same here, though Red cares a little about winning ^^; But he isn't a poor sport most of the time. I mean if he is up against someone he respects, then he's good. But if your a jerk and you beat him... well yeah, but that's understandable.

    You do the same ^__^
    Wow, late again ^^; I'm really sorry Rogue ^^; Really? Nature always seemed much nicer, though I can't argue over a nice cabin however ^__^

    Yeah, well maybe someday. You never know.

    Well that's nice. Red's mom has been talking about playing some Uno sometime with his family. I would like to have some quality time with him and his folks. Though I'm worried as I heard Red is really good at playing the game ^^; But I bet I'll still have fun.

    Okay, Ttyl too and bye.
    Thank you ^_^

    That's a shame and I like to give camping a try soon. Though I think I'll like it more than Ace will :p But he does love nature, so who knows. All man that's a long walk ^^; But I want to try some of those at least once in my life. Plans aren't so bad, but haven't been on since the new security stuff... so no planes for me anymore ^^;

    Awwwe, that's awful :( We've had that happen to us once or twice. It really bites... Also yeah is was fun, but pretty scary ^^; Next time I need to watch him a little closer.

    You do the same Rogue ^__^
    Good to hear, my was good too. Also I bet, it's nice to get some down time.

    Thanks and I hope you do get to one day, it's so much fun. Though there is no way I could have afford to go with out my grandparents. Plus even if I did, Ace wouldn't want to go as he dislikes the ocean. He's never been on one or seen one... but he was on a river boat and well... yeah ^^; Also you've never been on any of those!? WOW! Though I've never been on a subway, so I guess we share that. Never been in a area that had one ^^; I've also never been on a trolley either. But was going to go on one that was the closest to us, but it's closed for the time being... thanks a lot Memphis, TN.

    Thank you we did, Erika came over and we all shot off some fireworks. Though not letting Ace pick them ever again ^^; He got this one for Erika and we weren't sure what it was, until he lite it... it was almost a pound of rolled up firecrackers!! It was so loud everything went deaf for a few seconds! We shouted and we couldn't hear each other as it exploded, it was just that loud!! Though when it was done, there was lots of debris and smoke ^^; Really overkill. I hope yours was good too and that the rest of 2017 is a bit better for you.

    You do the same as well :)
    No Gyms is quite disappointing :(

    Yeah, and I hope so too, because Season 2's finale was just... WOW! O_O I wasn't expecting all of this and don't be looking for more answers as more are just raised ^^; I swear he is like M. Night at times... But working on season 3 and the trailer was just amazing! He's getting really good with this stuff. I'm just going to be sad when it's all over :( But yeah=, I hope you do too, because season 2 was just such a different ride than season 1 was. If this is a hint to what's to come, then this will already be better than the anime ^_^

    That's good to hear, but sorry to hear your relatives couldn't stay longer. It's always nice to be surrounded by so many people. I hope your Christmas is good as well. Also yeah, the cruise was a blast! Seeing the ocean and all the food they had, the pools, everything was so great! I just wish Red would had come though :( But he says he doesn't like oceans. Even though he's never been to one ^^; Though he has been on a two floor river boat before at Tunica, MS river park. But that is the biggest boat he's been on since. It would have been so much more fun if he had. But the rest of the trip was also amazing as we got to dock at the Bahamas or one of those islands for I think two days? And then we went to Universal for a day before heading home, so it was an awesome week!

    Well you do the same and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ^_^
    I know what your talking about, it was the same for me as well :(

    I agree, a little bit of mix has been nice to see, instead of the cookie cutter, fighting/fire, grass this, and water this. Yeah, but change isn't always a good thing. So I hope they bring back the gyms next gym or at the very least have both. Because gyms were the stable and you don't take away what made the game fun. That is where you mess it up. Like so many others in theses games.

    Yep, I like the sun legend better as well. But I want to play on what day it is outside, not some reverse world thing ^^; So that's another reason I'm getting sun.

    Oh yes it is! It's no pluff. He's finishing up the last episode before the season finale and it's killing me. Since he says it's going to be the biggest yet and he's almost done. I can't wait ^__^ I hope you do and Season 2 thus far is way better than season 1, though that isn't to say season 1 wasn't enjoyable. But so much has happen since then oh my gosh! I hope you do and yeah ^^; He'll probably have season 247 done by that time >^'v'^< No, no, he's not mad! He just started to feel like you wanted to avoid them. But he's okay now. I think he's just too critical on himself at times ^^; Plus you and I are the only ones reading it, and he likes to hear feedback, so yeah. But no, he's not mad. Everything is alright. And that's understandable.

    Yeah, and you do the same as well. I hope your thanksgiving was good. Mine was as I went on a cruise trip with my grandparents and sisters, and when I got back, my youngest sister and I went back to Red's home and had thanksgiving, so this week was pretty cool. I just wish Red wanted to come, but he doesn't like being on bouts ^^;
    I'm sorry to hear that :( And looks like I was late again...

    Yeah, and that would be neat. Anything would be nice. I like to see that Pokemon back in action. She is a good Pokemon, just needs better stats and some new moves as well. Yeah, but Mega is only temp, theses are permanent I think :( I really would rather have more megas. But yeah, maybe they will grow on us too. From what Red told me, the water starter is just... well awful looking. I am disappointed by the fire starter too, but not nearly as much as the water starter... But at least the fire starter is a dark/fire, instead of a cliché fire/fighting that has been done way, way too much ^^; Also sad about Gym are a no show, but I just want awesome Pokemon battles, not go fetch this or take pictures of that... that will get old really quick. But we will find out when it comes. But rest assure, if the next gen pull this same move... well it was a fun ride while it lasted I guess :(

    Red said he liked moon better, but he likes it's legendary more. Though I am a sucker for lions, so I might be a bit bias ^^;

    Good! Because all the stuff that's been going on has been such a ride ^_^ I can't wait to see what he has in store for the season 2 finale, as it's been getting hyped for me. I don't think so Rogue, so don't be too worried. I think he is thinking you don't want to read it, but he isn't mad at you all. So don't worry about it. We both know your busy, he just gets hyped a lot :D But so do I ^^; I hope your work gets lighter so you can read his work and catch up. But I'll let him know you aren't trying to not read :) Take care and I guess I'll be back next year at the rate I reply ^^;

    It's been a while for me to come back here :( I guess I lost track ^^; Also still been busy?

    Yes to all of that :D Also I think I heard you can ride Lapras in the game? That would be cool and bring back old memories of the old games. Not too sure about those aloha forms, but I guess we will see when it comes out. Also I saw the starters first evolutions and I can not stand the water one, the owl looks cute, especially the hair and the cat still looks good, but that water starter's first evolution... yuck! I just hope this game is way more fun and not as easy as Red put it as X/Y was...

    Well I really want sun, fire lover and all :)

    Same here and I don't know if Red has mentioned it, but his Pokemon story is getting so good! I won't spoil anything as I believe he said you will still on part 1 of season 2, but this season has been just so good! He has really improved from the last season, but that isn't to say it wasn't good to start with, just his writing is really improving. Well you take care too and maybe I won't be missing as long the next time ^^; But Hope you have a Happy Halloween and see you later ^__^
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