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  • Yeah, that's why I sorta hate battling him. He is so good o_O; But he is always trying to help me, so I guess it's still good :) Yeah I only played Red and Yellow I believe and silver, then didn't pick one up till soul silver and then black ^^; Yeah I feel bad for him too :( I hope things get better for him. I will try, back in collage now, so won't have too much time now, but I'm still not sure how much homework I will have, so I may have more time or may not ^^; Well talk to you later.
    Hey I wanted to let you know I have posted my Weather Tournament in my Clan, so sign-up will begin on August 20th. See you later.
    Possably a boarderline abusive-to-his-pokemon-JERK.....yet strangely awesome.

    How did you pull that off, Nintendo...

    Hydras are neat =3

    Hydreigon's a badass. XD
    Awesome! And, yes, I think i'm gonna like you a lot 8D

    Do you also like Hydreeeigon? He's based off a hydra lol <3 those are also mythic.

    One of my favorite pokemon there. XD He rocks.

    Silver rocks too even if he be a jerk lol. I dunno, he seemed soo...tough to me. Yep, i'm a weird-o. lol
    Thanks n-n Still feeling the same, just came home from the hosp. Should rest alot, get some air outfooors etc, to take it extremely easy so to speak, so i wont be back for a couple of days or till thr fever gone down atlesst. xD
    Otherwise i have seen the trailer! I loved it alot, the soundtracks reminded me alot of Dynasty Warriors style, but the english vcices sounded awfully annoyingly cheesy. x,D
    Great thanks! Sadly i seemed to have logged on late when you responded. Hope we can talk next time!
    Don't think i have stalked this profile yet ever since you accepted my friend request.
    Oh, i'm great too! This is a little late but i have been busy in the past few days ^^, it was good!
    Okay :) Yeah, but he is okay with it. he understands, he is trying to get me in as many matchs as possible so I can get stronger. I try to fight aginst him, but I am not good enough yet. I'm come close, but just not yet. He is really good, though he has been playing the games past S/G so I'm a little out of touch ^^; But he is always nice about it though. Yeah my summer has been great, I can't say the same for my BF though :( Also I will, I just won't be on a lot is all ^^; Collage comes first. Oh okay, I figured he was the one who found it. I saw him saving a bunch of pics, so yeah :) You take care as well, bye.
    Okay then, I might be dropping out since my collage days are coming back up :( So I'm sad to say that. Also it'
    s stil hjot and this message is so old too ^^; I really don't like summer, I like fall much better. Also yeah we need to summon Kyogre and politoad, though he will probably summon rayquaza and kill them both and then re-summon Groudon ^^; Also sorry for the late reply again, a lot of stuff has been happening and I just had some of my wisdom teeth removed as well, so still recovering from that. But glad to have them out finally.
    As for trading, these are the only DW(F) I need:(ALL DW FEMALE)
    Here are the DW/F I currently own:
    I DO NOT want to breed for DW(F) that have a 12.5% chance of being female unless I am also getting one in return or something better. (Examples: Eevee, Machop, Omanyte, Kabuto, Lileep, Anorith, etc.)

    I will consider all offers, so I may trade for other stuff, just ask.
    Also, PLEASE don't trade me Pokemon that have been Hacked in ANY way. Thanks.
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