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  • Yeah I hope so to but right know I'm just trying to keep up the legend releases so i have a full set and I'll be able to get a full pokedex
    Hey Rogue, I am so sorry for the late reply, that makes two times now :( And thank you for that, I hope it was good.

    Also I am surprised about it to be honest, but I really hoping for a ton of megas and WAY better designs and just a better game than X/Y was :/ I really want a mega Ninetales and Arcanine at the very least. I'm getting Sun, since Red called dibs on moon, but the sun is made of fire, so it makes sense. Though if your not getting both you should get moon, since the moon deals with water.
    Greedy XD Tell Erika that, she will know why :D
    Thanks and it's nice.
    Of course man and thanks for the offer :)
    Hey, sorry for the late reply and I'm sorry about that :( But we all got to return to the stuff we dislike sooner or later, but it will all soon be over, someday. Just hang in there.

    Crummy to be frank... lots of personally issues :/ But nothing new to be honest. Got myself two Mews though, one for Y and one for OR. While Flare♥ and Erika♣ got two as well, you still have till February 24th if you already haven't, thanfully the next few are wi-fi, with only two more needing to be picked up at gamestop. It comes at lv.100 and only knows pound sadly, but hey! It's a event legendary so no complaint :D
    Going good, glad that things have slow down at my work. Me and flare are already talking plans for con this year. trying to get a plan together
    Yeah same here but we can always message each other. Hope everyone goes will we the job looking and no I did not know we were getting some shines release.
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