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  • Hi Lapras, how have you've been as of late? I got a new art pen, so I can finally start back on my art, I'm so happy :) Also I'll send you a PM on my secret base, please check it out. Also I'm glad there back too, but just like Red, I want Seismic toss back :( Also your welcome, I can come up with good ideas now and again :D
    It's ok :) When I have to get up that early, I forget everything lol.

    Yeah I got my Serperior last night. I got a Timid and Modest, but they are both males. I was wanting a female to make breeding easier, but I guess I can breed for a female.

    Ttyl. Take care. Bye.
    Okay, never mind, the code for Serperior is POKEMON497 and it works for us... I swear GF needs to get their act together.
    Also you have a blessed 2015 as well my friend, I forgot to say that in my PM before sending it off, sorry ^^; It's 8:10am right now, so not fully awake.
    Sorry, only for Japan... Serebii didn't mention that when it was first posted... But I did breed some up though for anything trades.

    I'm doing ok. Hope you are too!

    I actually finished the game but lost interest. I think I'm outgrowing pokemon. :/
    Don't forget Contrary Serperior is coming out 01/09/15 The code to get it is, Code: POKEMON497
    Don't worry about it, I guess we will either have to set a date/time or just wait for us both to be on the game ^^;
    Hmm, that's true. That sounds right, too, since I haven't been getting much sleep. I also have been reading more often than I usually do. Wow, life is weird sometimes.

    Yes, it came so quickly! It feels like just a week or two ago was the beginning of November.

    Yeah, it's also a unique situation. I've never heard of anyone acting like she does.
    Yeah, but I'm not in much a gaming mood lately... I've been off on everything lately, odd.

    I see, good luck with that. I can't believe Christmas is just a week away!

    No, it's not like that... She has seriously major school issues, to say the least.
    That IS my life. I have nothing else to do.
    Ah, sounds nice. ^^ My parents are always too busy with my sister...
    Are you getting Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby Lapras? Also looks like Lapras is getting some nice move tutor moves, [spoil] Shock Wave and Heal Bell [/spoil] looks like Lapras could become a great pokemon for your team, huh?
    mages were just overpowered in the first game, was that the case in the second too?
    i remember anders, he is in one of the DLCS of the first game, cant say much about about him doe cause i didnt really play the DLC's. didnt even have any cool cut scenes and the story wasnt as good as the original
    really? i might play it sometimes, i just tried the first DLC, the one called awakening or something and thought it was so lame i didnt try other DLC's

    NWN(neverwinter nights) is an RPG very similar to dragons age. its based on D&D, which the ppl who made dragons age also made a game based on. Baldurs gate, uve probably heard of it. its a pretty famous game. actually NWN was also developed by the same company as these two so thats why they are quite similar
    in NWN"s multiplayer you could fight other ppl or join up and to fight other teams or just go hunting NPCs and stuff so there was co-op too. was a lot of fu
    pre-selected characters? damn cant they allow you to customize ur own character? yeah i dont like playing with those either, i would rather make my own character

    no, i dont even own a 3DS yet lol.
    that sounds like fun, i like RPGS like these a lot where you role play
    i remember doing a lot of that stuff u described doing in that game in skyim and i love skyrim so i would probably like this game a lot

    there coming out at the same time? didnt know dat
    i hope there are those dark dragons this time
    i remember there being one last demon dragon and blight left to happen, maybe it will finally happen in this game
    me 2, i only played as the mage, used prestige classes arcane warrior and blood mage. was unstoppable. even managed to kill a boss ur supposed to lose too
    i only liked sten and the rock golem. which is the other member you liked?
    i didnt like the DLC's doe, were really boring and not as good as the original
    i hope they make the companions good, its a lot more fun to play with a party u actually like

    i can see why the ppl complained, they probably think they will spend less time on the real game cause of the multiplayer
    i think it might be really good doe
    if its not connected to the plot it will might be like NWN's multplayer where there are servers and u make ur own character and do PVP and stuff
    Good. I've been wanting to make dirt pudding using different kinds of Oreos for years now too, and I will do it when I have the necessary financing. I might even use white chocolate and cheesecake puddings as the base. Now that's thinking outside the box.
    [I see that you watch Supernatural too. Well I had the most interesting dream the other day. Sam and Dean from Supernatural were in an animated world similar to that of the movie Heavy Metal, and were traveling to another planet with characters inspired by other fictional universes, like the Ninja Turtles. One of the Ninja Turtles showed Sam and Dean a weapon that would kill Lucifer, and it was called God's Mace. It took place during season 5 obviously.]
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