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  • Hey :D

    I understand you are busy, but I was just about to make a post (unless you still want to post before me), so I was wondering if I could bunny Tendrick slightly? This would probably just include him possibly fighting a bit o_O It's fine if you don't want me to, I'll just leave him be then :D
    Hey, how's it going?

    Just letting you know that we are waiting on you to post. Don't think I'm pressuring or harassing you, I'm just lettin you know :)
    Hey, is alright if I bunny Tendrick in my next post and just have him use his pin from his cape to pop open the old man's handcuffs o_O Poor guy still has them on :p
    Look, be glad I posted :p I'll check and see.
    Hey, just so you know, when you post, you can just start it off at the part where he starts climbing the wooden fort. It'll save you the energy of writing everything that happened before that, lol.
    Hey, if you post…I think you can skip over to when Tendrick already starts climbing the fort, hehe. XD It's easier that way. XD
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