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  • I have a favor to ask of you.

    I know I've been inactive lately, and I probably will be for another weak or two. Because of this, I'd like someone else to keep track of what's happening in Citrine for a little while. I won't be asking you to catch up for me, only to make sure I don't fall behind like this again. I'll give you the details via PM if you agree.

    And don't feel pressured to do so either. There are a lot of other people who can probably do it for me as well, so it won't hurt at all if you say no.
    I finally updated it for you.

    Hm...that is an odd amount of points for you to have earned...I thought it'd end in a pare of zeros or something.

    Currently, you're sitting at a total score of 314 RP. You should probably change your signature to this.
    BLUES/charizard 007 used
    Opponent's team: Rotom-W / Magnezone / Skarmory / Salamence / Mismagius / Mamoswine
    so this means there doesn't have to be a UU, but there will be a jirachi and a gengar on TMS team.
    I used the Ctrl+F to update all the points...but I had put in Citrine.

    Do you know the exact number of points you earned from you test battle?
    No need to apologize. Pestering actually helps me make myself get around to doing it. More so in real life then on the internet, but whatever.
    I know, I'm just being lazy. It's a bad habit of mine.

    I'll try and update it today
    You were rank two in BA, so I gave you enough points to bump you up to rank 2 in the CG.

    Yeah, I gave you the points. And it just wasn't for being with the BA, it was so that you didn't have to go through the work of ranking up again.
    Ill leave team name and signature mons up to you. If you want me to take 2 pokemon as sigs fine, 1/1 or 2 for you is good as well.
    Hey, I'm your tutor for this round. When you see me on PO or if you see me online anywhere else just message me and we can start :)
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