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  • Omg I just saw your webcomic, it's really cool!!
    Just drafted 20 more pages today/tonight! Took a little break after finishing the last chapter but I'm back on the flow~

    I noticed haha, don't recall seeing you talk about it in a while till just recently here, glad to see fellow non Gou haters lol
    Oooh awesome!!

    And yeah I was excited about the Celebi episode, I was sad to see people hating on him so much here. It reminded me back when people were hating on Iris in BW...
    Guess it just be like that. At least twitter is nice!
    Well, I've established myself on Tumblr. Shadao was already taken, so my profile name is Rex1378. I do wish to change it should I find a better name. Now most of my artworks are done through Art Academy on the Wii U and 3DS. Should I directly post pictures from the website on Miiverse, or should I simply download my artwork and then post them as my personal pictures?
    Managed to stay awake long enough to catch your Kalos League Finals image.
    I've been working on some posing and such for my own, but odds are I'll have to wait until classes start in September to actually make the final product.
    That said, AWESOME use of mirrored poses, particularly regarding Alain and Charizard. Having all of Ash's team rooting for Greninja also adds more excitement, and the image is actually really well-balanced as far as blank space is concerned - Greninja works surprisingly well as a centerpiece. Though, balancing lots of different elements has always been a really strong point of your art.
    Making it my cellphone background ASAP. Awesome work! Here's hoping tomorrow delivers just as much as your art did!
    Thanks for the tips! I had meant to write back more comprehensively but real life and the like intervenes.
    That said, given that I don't have Tumblr (yet, anyway), regarding whether or not you should skip to watch tomorrow's episode - don't.
    Here's the way I rationalize it while I'm taking classes: If you wait to watch the episode, you have something to get you excited and in a good mood no matter how your day before that goes. If you watch the episode before class, you might be so hype you don't focus as much afterwards. And if you skip class, it just means you have to catch up after and dampen the hype.

    TL:DR Save the episode for when you get home so the day can end on a high note.
    Hey Rohanite,

    Once September rolls along and I get some more free time I was thinking of starting to learn digital inking and colouring. To that end, I've got a few questions:
    1) Is there a particular scanner &/or scanner setting that should be employed to optimize subsequent digital manipulation? (Ah, and how would one go about drawing an image on two sheets, scanning them in separately, and combining them later without a "seem" down the middle of the new image?)
    2) Any particular tablet to use? (I'm guessing one with a built-in screen is ideal).
    3) What program works well?
    4) ...Any chance you'll be doing some sort of video tutorial on inking and colouring an image using said program some time in the future?

    Thanks in advance! Sorry for the barrage of questions.
    A bit late, but I just noticed Jun'ichi Masuda retweeted your Valentine's piece. Congrats! Onward and upward from here I suppose.
    I actually stopped reading One Piece's manga after Luffy uses his first Leo Bazooka so I could let the anime catch up and make weekly episodes more exciting. The Dressrosa Arc is probably fighting against Impel Down+Marineford as my favourite right now. Oda's editor did mention the series is around 60% finished now, so it might ramp up enough to overtake Gintama again, I suppose.

    My main reason for not starting Gintama (as well as some others) is that I'm liable to binge-watch until I catch up, which means my work gets ignored for a week and a half >_<. So I've been keeping to 12/24-episode series recently (Seraph of the End being the most recent - has some impressive animation and very distinct backgrounds).

    If Showcases aren't your kind of thing I imagine the upcoming Noivern and Zapdos episode is where your interest might be peaked again.

    As for the specific tricks, I find when you develop a skill for yourself the overall process ends up gradually refining itself with strategies that get unconsciously incorporated. Like for me, little things like pose drafting before refining anatomy became a thing through the grind. I'm sure reflecting on generalities would provide ample info for others to infer. Drawing's always felt a bit peculiar that way, though. It's a weird blend of technical finesse and sporadic passion, so pinning down essentials is usually hard.
    Ah, right. If your Tumblr is any indication I imagine you're referring to Gintama. It's one of the few longer-running anime I've yet to see, though I'm aware it invokes lots of tropes to parody typical anime (among other things, I imagine). While I'm personally not big on the series (as of yet, anyway), the main character's samurai-esque design means I'm sure you'll be able to pull off some impressively-posed and fairly dynamic pieces. So no doubt I'll look forward to seeing them and learning from their composition.

    More likely than not I'll probably toss a question (likely questions) your way in the future about drawing, artwork, etc. But in the interim, just seeing an artist express their passion for a series in a visualizable fashion is rewarding enough. Hard to dislike solid anime artwork.

    Yeah, the [Pokemon] anime has been rather haphazard lately. As I imagine some others are, I'm still rather bothered by the inconsistency with Ash-Greninja allowing Ash to be hurt by a Scratch attack, yet shake off a Blast Burn just fine. Perhaps they'll claim that Greninja's lack of mastery over the form means pain and vision are inconsistently shared, but it still robbed the loss of some tension, as did Ash's almost overly-jovial response to losing. Hopefully those elements are ramped up in subsequent (and likely Team Flare-driven) encounters.
    Hey man, just realized you were Rohanite from DA the other day.

    Been a huge fan of your artwork for quite a while now, particularly the consistent linework, high-contrast, and strong composition (was amazed by how you incorporated so many elements into the Sawyer vs Ash 3-on-3, and VS Olympia images without overcrowding the image).

    In my free time I tend to draw anime-esque single images or manga panels, so your work is really quite inspirational in that regard. Was cool to see you're also an avid fan of discussing the anime, looking forward to the artwork you'll put out going forward!
    Why you guys are still circlej***ing for a Megas for Ash?

    We are not even at the end of league yet. Holy sh**.
    Hello! Vai pitäisikö sanoa terve?? Hauskaa huomata että täällä on muitakin suomesta :) Btw oot tosi hyvä piirtämään!
    I see then, hope you get well soon. :]

    I see then. So far I like it too, my favorite thing is about XY is Clemont, XY Ash, Serena, and the battles.
    Oh really? What happened? Oh okay. I'm fine right now.

    So, what do you think of XY so far?
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