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  • Oh I already got some in a trade I did recently but thanks anyway! Also thank you for always being nice to me!
    Hello, I´m passing around this message: LegitBreeder, a fellow SPPf user has A LOT of male, japanese Zorua remaining from a shinny hunt and is wanting to get rid of them (yes he gives them away!). If you´re interested or know someone who might be, contact him (because he´s planning to release the ones he can´t get rid of in two months)
    *No, this is not spam and yes I´ve checked the legitimacy of my received Zorua
    I just kep getting errors on comunications
    Connect again and try talking to me this time, lets see how it goes
    That sounds great to me. I will also need about a day to hatch and/or raise a personalized Treecko to your specifications. I am assuming that this trade will be in B/W? Please let me know if you have a specific moveset, nature gender, nickname, ect. in mind. As for the sneasel, I can take anything, whatever you have. I will need to know your time zone to schedule a trade.
    Thank you!:) I went with something cute and named him CottonBall:p I am NOT creative. I named him that because that was the name my Sister suggested, and she would not stop bugging me about it lol. I named my shiny escavalier "TerraSpear" and my shiny Chandelure "TwinFlame" but anyway, Thanks for the help and warm welcoming!
    Thank you! I would love to but I actually can't connect to wi-fi on my 3DS anymore, we just got a new modem and it doesn't support it. I'm really sorry D:
    It was a Cottonee with Switcheroo and Toxic

    EDIT: Wait a second... I'll need to contact Pucca. Cottonee can learn Toxic.
    There's an example somewhere on the thread... One of the members did it. It's late here, and I'm too tired to remember any.
    No, the regular egg move needs chain breeding but the TM just can't be learned by any member of it's evolution line, not nescesaraly chain bred. I don't quite know what you meant about the TMs, but I hope this helps :)
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