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    'Oh really. My legendary beast Entei yawned earlier. I hope you don't have any relatives on Cinnabar 'cause that volcano is goin' BOOM, mother f***er!'


    EDIT: In a similar fashion, I hate how nobody recognises the fact that I'm the freakin' Pokemon Champion yo, bane of Team Rocket, where are the legion of screaming girls?
    Win post, sir =D
    Lol....I remember...my idiotic little brother stole my acc that entire afternoon...came back on and had 3infracts...lol....as for EVtraineds, I have a bunch. Which ones would you like?
    Lol...I'll take the shinx then...but will have to offer a tiny bit less due to competitive use...want any EV'd pkmn?
    Hmm...if only you pm'd me, been looking for a shiny gligar...lol...want a groudon+power item/nugget for it?
    Lol...been training this trick-breloom at mt.silver...didn't even refresh the page. I just noticed I have 3 giga drains, so I no longer need those....hidden powers though, +5....
    well...facade, thunderbolt, ice beam, flamethrower, trick room, and giga drain are the current ones....
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