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  • No problem. Actually was beneficial for me because I was planning on breeding it, but there were others I wanted to breed first and I probably would have never gotten around to it if no one had requested it, so thank you
    Maybe. I'm not feeling to hot with Sm4sh right now. Might give it a bit of a rest. Just for a few days though.
    That's great. I'll write something up and apply. I'll have to check the guild rules first though. I'm sure there's some kind of waiting time before you can join.
    So I have an idea for RoF. While youruns the Smash League, I could run Tournaments and a Mentorship program for Smash. It would be similar to the Pokemon activities you guys already run. It could really increase your popularity and give us a unique edge other guilds don't have. We would need another post for it though, or we could include in the Smash League post. What do you think?
    I want to support the guild. Back in THT, I was able to contribute with the Smash League. I was able increase activity and intergrate myself into the community. The reason I left SE was because I couldn't contribue to the community. I don't have something like the Smash League for RoF. I don't want to take that away from you. When I chose to join SE, you were right to run the Smash League. I even gave you permission, not that you needed it. It would be selfish of me to try and take it back. That's why I'm not joining any guilds at the moment. I'm going to think of something else to contribute.
    That's what I'm thinking. I'll lay low for a while. I don't think I'll join RoF though, since I don't have anything to contribute.
    The community isn't very active and even though there is a clan xat, I can't access it. Even if I left, I'm not entirely sure I'd go to the RoF,s nice I don't have any incentive to join or anything to contribute.
    Okay I think we do bc I've got a Cal as a friend, I'll be getting online now, sorry I was offline for a bit I was with my family.
    Oh hey sorry I didn't see your first message, I must have been talking to someone else or something and didn't notice it. I'm up for a VGC battle now ^~^
    Thanks. It'll be hard, but worth it.

    I haven't uploaded any Pokémon battles, but I have uploaded quite a few Smash Bros. matches. Have you?
    So I uploaded a a bunch of my replays online. You can view them if you want. Have you uploaded any replays?
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