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  • I see, thank you. :3

    Well, really nice to meet you, Zac. You can call me whatever you want. Most people call me MoM, from my username. Not that it matters much. ^^
    I hope you are well~
    Oh, almost thought you wouldn't reply. ^^ Also, usertitle? The Yaoi one?

    Thank you. ^^ I'm pretty good, thanks for asking. I hope you are, too~
    I went once, but that was when I was around eight or nine so I can't really remember much of it.

    Oh no [noparse]:([/noparse] That's unfortunate :/ Hope things work out though.

    That's certainly strange, hahaha. Yeah I agree, the Tepig line (and all of the starters) are pretty underwhelming unfortunately. asjkdfhaskjdf I've always wanted to use Horsea hahaha.
    [Ran out of characters on the previous post so I'll continue this here]

    I would pick Flygon of the two, but only because I like him more. I'm using a Lucario right now and he's not all that exciting, to be honest... That is really weird with your game card, you should take it back to where you got it and see if you can get a partial refund or something o.o
    Oh, and you shouldn't evolve your magneton once it's a magneton. Or at least I wouldn't. Magneton is much cooler. I have one as a dual screener on my PO team at the moment :3
    Actually I still haven't tried it. Been playing White 2, almost up to the 6th gym.

    Hahaha I'll have to look some of those up XD I'm kinda surprised that she's in a kids game, to be honest.
    My best solo weapons... let's see...
    Mmmmm the Spring Carnival will be on then; you're too early for the Melbourne Cup though.

    So you'll hopefully be walking away as Dux? :)

    Nah I actually haven't seen the PETA parody thing at all yet; I'll look it up tomorrow maybe :p and honestly I've never seen the appeal of Lucario...

    From time to time, I guess. I haven't spoken to him for a while, though.
    Thought you were a girl this whole time.

    I get what you mean. I'm bi, and I here I just think I like guys a lot. Granted I go for girls more, because it needs to mean something for me to be with guy and just not the sex.

    I've been alright thanks. Made some new friends and have been smoking a lot more pot lately

    I'll be sure to try that first district thing, otherwise I have no idea how to get out... One thing I really like about that game is the spirit creation and the paint gun that you use to color them :3

    I think I might replay KI:U again as well, but not until I get bored of black. I do the earlier levels a lot but I always use the same weapons and it seems like it would be fun to start from scratch. And agreed, Amazon Pandora needs more screen time... How about some romance sidestory?Hey, I don't think I've ever played you in multiplayer! What's your best multi weapon? Or solo?

    Soooooo. I got White 2 :D Flygon was one of my top choices however I've already used him in a few teams. This time my current team is Roselia, Lucario, Sneasel, Aerodactyl, Zangoose, and Lunatone. I started with Frillish and Jolteon but I decided I hate frillish and, as much as I love Jolteon, I needed someone who could fly and someone who could surf. And I sure as hell wasn't using Pellipper (I love pellipper but hes not that great) or Swanna. Soo yeah, I'm in Nimbassa right now but I don't know how to get to the next routes.
    Nope, Sydney. (Luckily for me I only live an hour-and-so from there, although it is still a bit out of the way for a night event with the VIP one).

    I certainly think it's worth getting. More powerful than the Wii and the gamepad it has offers more too.

    I think the problem with the Centurions is that they only have two lines of dialogue, so no wonder they're more boring than everyone else. =( But agreed, the dialogue was fantastic for that game.
    Alright, my FC is in my sig. I have already gotten all of the in-game Idols, but I dont really care about the Treasure hunt stuff.

    BTW, I am pretty good so you better watch out lol
    Yea, I agree. Some of the back and forth between characters still makes me laugh. I mostly play LvsD nowadays instead of Solo.
    Oh! I can't even remember what PM it was nor do I probably have it anymore lol!

    I've been good! I own the 2nd most famous Club on here. ^_^
    I have Kid Icarus: Uprising. I play it quite regularly. I have never played Xenoblade though.
    There's a different FC for each game lol.

    xD Well hope they don't hype you up tonight and you can get some sleep~

    Yeah they do n_n Although Dux is a bit out of my reach (omg so many smart people in my year level, ugh) but I've got the Language Award in the bag, woohoo. Do they have them at your school?

    Good luck with that~ Yeah Nate is a pretty nice name, I must say. And I love the whole Rosa + Nate = Resonate thing as well.
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