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  • Wait, bf as best friend or boyfriend? and if boyfriend you mean issues going on?

    OOOO, vms now :d
    Thats fantastic news! Good to hear. How much more sleep should you get now?

    I got KH3D :] But at the moment it's just kinda meh. I'm only on the second world though. But for some reason Riku is still on the first and i dunno how to get him out.

    Did you hear Walmart accidentally released BW2 early? XD I can NOT WAIT TO PLAY IT.

    Just got home from my friend's hose, we watched Napoleon Dynamite. Such a great movie.
    I hope you make a full recovery :)

    I dunno, I never played them. I had asked you if they were fun but it seems you havent played them either so...lol
    It's seems that quite a few people want it, but I'm sure it's because OoT was remade and people are just being greedy. I personally would prefer Nintendo to focus on making a 3DS exclusive Zelda that pushes the system to it's limits instead of a game that has been released multiple times.
    Heh, thanks. I won some tickets to an expo and a VIP Nintendo event recently so I felt like talking about stuff I tried out like that (loved TTYD in particular, so I was always interested in PM 3DS since it was announced). I also got to try out the Wii U too! ~ (May post about that later though, although I am currently writing up some quick thoughts about it elsewhere).
    I'm still using my DS lite, ahaha :p

    Oh no! :x Well hopefully you recover, and glad the operation went smoothly. Yeah, I remember you saying that you've been finding it hard to sleep, so hopefully things will be better now; getting heaps of rest will be good for you :) And yeah, our high school journey's just about over; my graduation's in about two weeks, scarily enough :s

    Yeah I'm going pretty well, thanks :)
    I'm kind of stoned right now. Are you talking about my convo with sweetie the member?

    If so I know, she's an old friend of mine from another forum.

    How have you been btw, been over a year

    Haha, yea. Sounds like a good idea.
    Its because FFXIII Versus is taking so long to complete.

    BTW, have you ever played Blazblue Continuum Shift II? I am seriously thinking about getting it, but dont really no what is like except for watching videos on Youtube.
    A delayed welcome, though I'm sure you have your reason for this. Alas, it is time to take back my rightful place on this throne, Zackary.

    Has progress been made during my absence?
    I personally can't tell if a guy is cute so I don't know how good I'll be at that.

    It was interesting. I'll say that lol.

    I got BW2 preordered and i'm also slowly chugging away at Xenoblade. It's a great game.
    As long as I'm up is all that matters.

    Where have you been anyway lol?
    Then again near all the rival themes are good imo. RSE is better than most though! ~

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to that when it comes out (whenever that'll be for Australia, anyways). And TTYD is one of my favourite games. =)

    Ghirahim was...interesting. Creepy as heck but at least he was fun to beat up in that case. Groose as quite amusing and one of my favourite characters too. Was alright with these versions of Link/Zelda. Fi was decent in portrayal but execution was a bit weak, as she bothered me too many times about apparently low Wiimote batteries and all. -_-

    Well, not for the Wii anyways, but there's always the WiiU. Not that likely still but then I'd say it's likely they *are* going to sooner or later have a battle sim on the home console for Pokemon, and Genius Sonority is still doing stuff as well.

    1) Back in middle school, one of my friends brought the little booklet for KH1 and let me see it. I saw the characters and everything, but didnt think I would really like it so i didnt get it. I then moved to another middle school (this was like in the 6th grade) and I overheard someone else talking about KH1. So I decided to get it and the rest is history.

    2) I dont play many Nintendo games. Pokemon is the only one I can say that I play faithfully.

    3) Favorite VGC?
    Dragonball Z games: Broly, Cell, Vegeta, and many others.
    Kingdom Hearts: Marluxia, Saix, Riku, Roxas, Demyx, etc.
    I love the Ratchet and Clank series and the Sly Cooper series.

    4) Well, I am in college right now, so in what free time I do have I come on here, play video games, hang with friends, and a lot of other stuff.
    Haha I should. I don't play that many games...xDD

    I'm guessing Link is from Zelda but I haven't heard of the other characters. Are they from Zelda too? I'll look them up.
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