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  • The fanniest. ^_^

    I really, truly, hope so. Emerald's Battle Frontier combined with the phys/spec split would be more fun that Platinum/HGSS's.
    Wouldn't mind seeing what their theme remix sounds like if such a game happened, heh. One of my favourite tracks!

    Yeah, I'm back at uni as well so I am quite occupied until then!

    I don't have much interest in the KH games tbh and already have more games to play out than I have time for. I do have KI though (as I've said before =p); love the heck out of that game, heh.

    I prefer Skyward Sword to OoT, personally, although I don't have that much nostalgia for OoT like most players I suppose, haha.

    I have Steam, although admittedly I don't use it much.
    I'm gonna wait to get it, probably until my bday, september 26. Just because I'm trying to level grind in White right now.

    Oh wait - B2W2 comes out less than 2 weeks after that... I'm at a loss DX
    :0 I thought that came out tomorrow! And even later in Australia! I gotta get it soon. Is there multiplayer?

    Oo, reddit is this wonderful site where people share different types of media (pictures, videos, news, etc) in tons of different subcategories. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.
    Hmm, let me have a check. I don't think so- I was waiting for you to reply to mine as a had a funny thing to tell you :3
    Blue for me is the second place (idk about B2W2's one. BW's follow Blue, and RSE's are the worst set imo with rivals sadly, despite good battle music).

    Yeah, I heard some of them. It's neat that each gym got a different take on the theme and it really adds something to the gym, imo. I quite like Clay's myself.

    I play LoZ (ones I have played fully are Twillight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Minish Cap, OoT (3DS) and Skyward Sword). And I've beated Kid Icarus as well; that's quite the fun and amusing game. Only played limited amounts of Final Fantasy (the one game from that series I beat fully thus far is Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time!) and the other two I have played naught of.
    Well I like tall men so beach volleyball worked out for me.

    For the gymnastics the russian team and the german team has some lookers, depends on what you like I guess.
    Hey I wanted to show you my Pokemon Black Team they are all completely EV and IV trained for every stat. I'll message you when I want to have a double battle (which won't be soon)


    I sometimes switch Leafeon with these
    Heh, I liked that addition myself. Silver is my favourite rival from the series thus far though.

    So far it looks better than BW. Small touches like revamped gym music for each gym really does do a good bit for it, from what I've look into. Longer gameplay for the story-beating seems good too.
    Hopefully it will be there soon but honestly I'm in no rush for it so I rather have them take their time to polish it ( if it exist ) so I can say wow when I see it :)

    Basically I graduated out of high school and completed my first year of college but so much stuff happened between those. I was on a big hiatus thanks to college recently so thank God I'm on vacations because I needed this rest and hopefully I won't need to go on another hiatus ever again. But life has been good :) I had a few shares of disappointments here and there but it hasn't overshadowed the good stuff plus I matured a little thanks to those disappointments so I can say that I feel like I am a better person that I used to be. Hopefully I will finish my bachelors degree in here so I can move out to the states and finish my masters out there so I can become an English teacher either in the States , Europe or maybe Even Japan xD I have a big ambition of trying to get out of this island and I know I will make it :D
    It's actually not all that hot here, since I'm near the San Francisco Bay. But yes, we don't have an AC :/

    (I think I told you) I'm starting to learn bass guitar, it's a lot of fun and I have an awesome teacher. I used to play clarinet but I stopped.

    I was aiming for a female combee, an aipom, or a herracross :[ Did not get any of them. Oh well, I can still try Floaroma meadow. My machop just died to a wild geodude's explosion -.-

    Oo gossip :3
    Yeah I thought he was too. I liked the interactions in the AG group. It felt like a family. While I agree with DP, I'll say his battling improved. Ben's episode was nice. He wasn't as serious as the others though, he was optimistic, almost too optimistic, but they even put a plot to why he was. I liked his episode, while others may disagree. ^^; OOH Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was my favorite too! X33 It was beautiful. <3 I love Sir Aaron/Riley and Lucario. They are so cool! X3 I wish Riley got a bigger part in DP >.> lhdaugfdgheggfrag. I thought he could mentor Ash or something awesome. Of course not. xD

    I didn't like him much there either. He reminded me of Gary. XD Ah I see. Yeah I like Green though. He's cool, but he's not my favorite. xD

    I hope there's Emerald remakes. It'd be nice if they did. X3 I know! Why did they kick him off as Champion? I like Wallace, but nothing could explain my shock when I found out that Steven was Champion. XDDD I was all "OMG it's my buddy!!" (I was expecting Brendan coz of how Blue was in FR/LG ^^; )

    OMG I read the Striaton Chapter. I think I'll re-read it soon though. XDDD That was hilarious. XD

    Yeah they really botched that up bad. Dx
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