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  • I kind of liked that Ash didn't have a rival in AG (though Brenden could have worked well :) I just think that without a rival it made Ash not seem so...kid-like. It actually made him seem older and more mature. I took a hiatus from OS to Advanced so it was a breath of fresh air to me seeing that he wasn't portrayed like a little kid. Lol! Yeah I know. Lunick is so cool, though I liked Ben a lot because he made me chuckle. xD Kellyn was pretty boring imo. :/ I wouldn't have minded for the anime to do something amazing and have Jack Walker appear IN the anime. Of course not. XDDD

    Silver's my favorite in the manga. I never cared for Blue much...but he's been growing on me a bit more. XD Haha IKR? I'm excited for these games. x3

    I thought so. I loved that ship when I (finally) played the games. :3 He was so supportive of you! Yes they are! X3

    The Striaton Brothers are mine too. I like a lot of Gym Leaders though. I'm happy the Striaton Brothers got some special attention in B2W2 even if they aren't Gym Leaders anymore. Oh! I've read some of that webcomic before. I only read a couple of chapters, but it was really funny. XD

    Haha they did. I hated how in the anime they goofed up the final Groudon/Kyogre arc. ~.~

    Ok. xD
    Yeah I agree. I always wondered why they never have a main boy appear with Ash. I mean, what's wrong if he did? D= Though, I'm surprised for Pokemon Ranger they've shown both Kellyn and Ben, but not Kate and Summer. I wonder why not Lunick though :/

    Kyouhei is pretty cool. :D At first I thought both of the protagonists looked a little different, but once I saw Kyouhei in that preview I thought both he and Hugh were very cool. X3

    Yeah I agree. I like Contest much more than Advance. xD Hoennshipping, is that May x Brenden? =O Ooh Franticshipping is love! <3

    True, very true. XDDD I'm quite sure if Pokemon was for older audiences Skyla would be in skimpier clothing. ~.~ Oh gosh...it was terrible. XD It seems to have worked itself out after the bias fanboys left. ~.~

    YES I HAVE! It's one of my favorite arcs (though I've only read it once). Yes she is. X3 I love those two together, it's so sweet!
    Oh sorry for not getting back to your last message. ^^; I went camping (that, and I'm just slow in general xD)

    Yeah I like Contestshipping, what about you? :)

    You know I don't know. I got annoyed at the Dento/Cilan vs. Skyla thread, people were accusing Dento as sexist just because he got mad at the way she was handling her Gym. Dx I agree that Winona is cooler. :D Ugh Skyla...it couldn't have hurt to give her some more clothes..could it?
    Umm... june 8 through somewhere around august 20.

    I got a cascoon on the second honey tree I tried... I wanted an aipom :/

    That sucks about your wifi. You could always try going to the library or a coffeehouse or something.
    Thanks, I'm glad you appreciated it.

    I'm just so tired of this attitude. I don't think it's really intentional a lot of the time, I just wish people considered the impact of it.
    Hmm, have you added me yet? Because you're still a "provisionally registered friend"...

    Oh, and since you seem to enjoy Hoenn, wanna join the Team Magma club? We just talk about stuff, it doesn't always even relate to team magma. There's a link in my sig if you're interested.
    To be fair Lance does have his Pokemon Hyper Beam TR in GSC/HGSS so that should count for something. =p

    It would make sense for them to go elsewhere for at least some time there.

    I was more curious than anything and also hoping that B2W2's post-game content would be better than BW's which I found to be lacking after exploring everywhere. Also sequels are cool and offer something different for a change, silly pokemon fans.
    Awesome :D adding you
    I have a list of games I want...
    White 2, KH3dDDD, Myst (it's coming out for 3ds), MGS3, Final fantasy rhytm... and a few others...
    oh yes I can agree with that , the music was good and some characters I like ( Morty , Eusine , Falkner and Janine ) come from there so at least it can be tolerable. I always finded that really stupid I mean every Gens had it flaws and good point but Gen II was always treated like this Godly king but hey many people started there so maybe it is nostalgia. I myself started with Gen I ( yellow ) but I like every gen the same just going by the opinion that Gen II is overrated.

    Oh wow it sure has o.o more than 2 years have passed since last vm , I'm quite surprised haha but it is never to late I'd say haha =D
    same here xD it's the most over glorified Gen there is although I admit it has it good stuff but people tend to forget some of the bad stuff :/ but still I don't hate it :) but yeah I agree haha
    Wait, we both have to add each other, if just 1 person adds the other person, the other person won't see the first person and the first person will see the second person as a "provisionally registered friend" with no mii. So I'ma need your friend code.

    I need to finish OoT on the challenge mode. I haven't played it in way too long :/

    Oh, and I made an AMAZING weapon gem fusion discovery. Fuse your Doom Cannon gem with something else (centurions maybe? I forgot :/) to get:
    Raptor claws
    0/6, 219
    +3 Speed
    +3 Melee combo

    These are SO GOOD in multiplayer. I got 15 kills in one game with them.
    Hmm I dunno. xD I think it's because it's Ash and he's the main character. -_-; I kind of wish the other males got more attention too.
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