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  • You have a 3ds!? My FC is in my sig. I wanna add you.

    I'm really excited for KH3d. I've never played a kh game but the demo was great (albeit short).
    Do you have Kid Icarus Uprising? If not you should get it. It's insanely good. Best game I've ever bought besides Emerald.
    I guess so. I certainly wouldn't mind RSE remakes, but GSC were the games I wanted remade most. So I'm already content. =p

    What is kinda interesting is that both Giovanni and Blue ended up there; gym leaders of the same place! But yeah, that is odd...then again, Pokemon hasn't been terribly logical in the first place I guess. Maybe he just wanted a holiday
    0.0 How do I respond to such a long message?
    I'll keep it short b/c I have to leave in a vew minutes for the library. I agree with almost everything you said, you have very good taste :3 I don't hate zoroark but I definitely agree that he's a knock-off of the much cooler Lucario. Wasn't much of a gallade fan myself ( i preferred gardevoir) but I generally tend to put design over power anyway. The 4th gen final evos of previous gens rocked (most of them, at least).

    Aand it's getting really hard to type on this 3ds so I will end by saying I'm SUPER excited for BW2.
    I liked some of them myself. Then again don't all the regions have some representation in B2W2?
    Hi, long time no see. Well Best Wishes started to head for better with writers increasing continuity in anime not treating it as semi reboot. Very soon Dawn will return and her stay will be extra long appearing in new opening. She will stay for at least 10 episodes with Unova cast, if not even more. Unfair to May or Misty fans though.
    Cynthia is returning too hosting world tournament concept from BW2 games etc.

    So in some aspects you could say things improved. Oh yea, and Iris became champion at age of 12 in BW2 games, so people are pretty shocked nowadays and angered hoping that wont translate to anime.
    XboX live: The future generation. I'd say we're expecting too much now, but, wait until their human resources department contacts them in their future.
    [using vms now because it's easier]
    I wasn't actually super keen on the Johto pokemon. There were a few that I really liked - Ampharos, Skarmory, Corsola, Heracross, Gligar - But there were a lot that just didn't stand out, especially the starters (to me). Whereas, in Hoenn, I can't think of a single pokemon I truly disliked. Okay, maybe Grumpig. But most of my favorites are from Hoenn.
    I liked most of the pokemon in gen 1, but I wasn't super fond of the region itself. Sinnoh was kinda bland but there were a few that I really liked - Froslass and Toxicroak, and I've recently started taking a liking to Lucario - but I hate most of the legendaries.
    5th gen was pretty cool but not amazing. Once again, most pokemon didn't stand out a ton to me. But I'm SUPER psyched for B/W 2.
    Also, the npc outfits went downhill after gen 3.

    TL;DR: gen 3>1>5=2>4
    I was wondering if you'd like to see my Pokemon Version Game Teams in a Private Message? I'd really like you to see them :)
    Yeah. You'd think playing games that have actual wit behind them (like portal) would inspire more than these comments but, what're you going to do.
    Merry Christmas, Doop! Thanks for being such an amazing friend over the years :) Hope you have a great day! :D
    Thanks! :]

    Yeah I'm pretty nervous too, and I'm feeling the same way with the workload rates; most of the time I'm sort of struggling to get the work done tbh. :/

    Are you doing any 3/4's?

    also, do you watch x factor?
    I want some. It's the only region not to appear on the DS yet.
    I'm so jealous :I I would be even more jealous if you were going in winter, hahaha :p

    Just over a year left in school, eh?
    Yeah, I really don't see how people enjoy pairing a human and a Pokemon. It's kind of disgusting. *shudder* [/s]inb4 pikapallyra[/s]

    oh rly? I can't remember who you support...who was it again? But yeah, it was pretty impressive. I really don't matter who Collingwood plays against, as long as they lose :p
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