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  • I feel like that's nice is everyone's default for I have nothing else to say lol
    [ Indeed. She and I gave each other a much-needed positive boost in confidence and happiness. <3 ]
    [ My girlfriend is awesome, she turned my life around in a really awesome way. I used to have no confidence, but after her falling in love with my personality and also seeing me as hot after seeing a photo of me (she's the first girl who ever said I'm hot), my self-esteem got a boost. I still don't like myself, but I feel better about myself than I used to. And I also finally see real life has good things too, something I never realized before getting together with her. Meanwhile, she told me I boosted her confidence, because I often compliment her and say sweet things about her, and the best about those things: it's all honest and genuine. She and I are just made for each other. <3

    She has all the qualities a girl needs for me. She's honest, not short-tempered (I can't deal with short-tempered people like my sister and my dad), she's kind, she's open-minded, she's not judgmental, she accepts my Aspergers, she loves me for who I am, she's understanding, she listens to what I say instead of saying I should shut up and get over it like most people say when I have a problem... She's perfect! And her looks are also perfect for me. I think black hair for white girls is really pretty, she has gorgeous eyes and a gorgeous smile. And her chest is the only chest I ever saw as hot. ]
    [ Well, really, I understand why you'd behave distant as a result of your trust issues and don't have a problem with you acting like that... ]
    [ Well, I understand how you feel, thanks to experience. I always try to be there for people, they always know how to find me when they need me, but when I want something, I can forget it. And people also constantly try to change me, but if I confront someone with his/her flaws, I get snapped at.

    Indeed... ]
    [ Your distrust makes sense. I also have trouble trusting people. I won't end up hating it for you, I understand you.

    Yeah, I also have some steady stalkers who see all my conversations... ]
    [ I don't see why you'd drive people away...

    I hate getting stalked, brackets prevent the activity from attracting stalkers. ]
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