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  • glad you like but make sure please to give credit some how :) thanks its in my rules...hate to give a strike...
    your request has been made, please pick up your header pop out banner at flower paradise graphics and thanks for choosing my shop just make sure please to know if you pick something out that shouldn't be for sig put in the the special notes thanks...i hope you like it...
    Oh, that sounds a bit harsh, especially if it's mandatory. I actually lucked out in my freshman year of high school and didn't have to scrub the Indian head.
    Oh, I see. I remember my high school had something like that, mostly where they would randomly take freshmen out of the halls and have them scrub this gold Indian head on the floor with a toothbrush.
    i'm bored as well. >< watching funny youtube videos usually helps me.~
    ooo I love photography! but I don't have a professional camera sadly. :c that sounds so nice!
    thanks for the feedback! c:
    I'll take that into consideration next time I make a cover.
    so how are you?
    That's cool :) i like making videos on YT of me singing. ^_^
    ah that's a good record :O
    No, it has nothing to do with AR. Basically, if a breeder shows up in one of the Nmbasa Sports domes, they'll give you a Rare Candy when defeated. If you leave the dome and come back, then you can battle them again for another Rare Candy. And you can repeat this however many times you want for practically infinite Rare Candies.
    Ah, I'm just too lazy to breed for perfection. I think the closest I've gotten to perfection was an Eevee that had thee IVs that were 31. Usually, all I do for training competitive Pokémon is I breed for nature and ability, EV train the Pokémon, and then grind it to level 100 using a Rare Candy glitch in BW2.
    That's cool! Are you good at competitive battling?
    LOL eargasm, I use that term too haha. I know right. xD

    And yup! I play the ukulele, guitar, & flute!~ I also like to sing. :D
    Yeah, I do do wi-fi battling. Most of my Pokémon aren't even close to being considered perfect, but they still serve me well. I do have a few Pokémon I use that were obtained through RNG manipulation though.
    Ah, that's cool. Mhm, I've heard of that shop before. Fairy Witch is great at doing GFX. :)
    And I try to whenever I can, but I've never really gotten into competitive battling before. xD I usually like playing the story of the games. :D
    How about you?
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