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  • Oh thank-you. *bows* Yeah, the name kind of just fell into place after I saw him. x3
    And thank-you again. I do hope you are doing well as well.
    Thanks! Glad you're enjoying your new Shinx! Yeah I don't really plan on chaining too often since it's not my thing either, but if you enjoy it, go for it! And I appreciate that you find my posts interesting...Every time I go to post and I have things other than a hunt update in them, I think, "I really need to stop posting so much pointless drivel. Next time, I guess." So I'm glad at least one person doesn't hate it :p
    Congratulations, Roseheart, on that beautiful shiny Lugia! Wow! :D I'm happy it finally arrived for you! Any chance to see some pictures, perhaps ? I'm always happy to see our community's new founds! :B
    Good luck for your next hunt, and also a little congratulation on that shiny Shinx as well! :3
    Big congrats on finally getting your Lugia! I was scared when I first saw your post, since I saw what looked like a story with no pictures and I thought it might have been a fail :p but very glad to see everything went well! Good luck on your next hunt!
    Ah! Thank you very much!
    I saw your post, you were at 10K+ right? I really hope you get your shiny Lugia soon too! Thats quite a big number D:.
    Lets hope that both of us will get it before the month ends so we can get both a beautiful Lugia and complete the CH simultaneously. ^u^
    Hey there Roseheart!
    I just wanted to give you my support with Lugia. Seems like you've been working really hard on it and it must be painful at this point...
    I, too, am soft resetting for a shiny in my Heart Gold game (Kyogre) and I probably passed 5'000, if not reached 6'000 soft resets for it. It's getting harder and I still wonder how you handle it!
    So good luck to you, and hopefully Lugia will be kind with you soon! :)
    [ Then could you please just tell me what you're comfortable telling me, and just say "I'd rather not tell you this" for the parts you don't want to answer? And whether you type enough or not isn't important, please just answer it and tell me what you're comfortable with to tell me... I like making new friends, you seem nice and I thought it would be a good way to start talking. ]
    [ You're welcome!

    Would you be willing to answer my PM from some days ago, my introduction PM after you befriended me? ]
    Delphox and Greninja are the only 2 starters I've beaten all 8 gyms with. Delphox has a brilliant Special Attack, and an early Psyshock (Lv 33) and Flamethrower (42 or something). Access as well to Grass Knot + Shadow Ball relatively early is nice as well. Greninja can wreck early on with Water Pulse + Round, with Rock Smash/Thief/Return/Quick Attack/Rock Tomb as coverage. Extrasensory, Surf, Night Slash and Ice Beam/Acrobatics will serve you well. Mine knows Waterfall until I get to the Pokémon League.
    Great. Meant to be at school, but there was a power failure and now the heating's broken. 2 days off. I've been playing Y a bit as well, hoping to reach Clemont by tonight.
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