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  • Hey we are against each other in the eeveelution tour, PM me when you're available.
    Thank you,
    I get home at 5:30ish from school :p I can do saturday though, if that's okay with you? I should be able to play around 12:00'oclock onward.
    About your Milotic question, you can also get the Colo Bonus Disc (in North America) and get a designated R/S game to mine Jirachi. You can get lots of Ganlon berries very easily with this maneuver. I wouldn't know if you could actually do this, but I thought I would throw the option towards you.
    I love them all. I couldn't tell my favorite...
    But I do love Latias's shiny form, Glaceon's shiny form (my Eevee) and Roserade's shiny form. :p
    I tried and got a shiny through all the methods, except Masuda's...
    Soft Rest - Latias (after a little bit over 1000 soft resets) and Kyogre (unintentionally).
    Chain - Shinx, Skitty (got 3), Geodude, Eevee, Zigzagoon.
    Random Encounters - Tangela (really random), Minccino, Roselia (male, breeding for a female).
    Breeding - ...

    That's why I'm trying it!
    Oh okay, pfew!
    Problem is that I hate Masuda Method; I think Budew's going to be the only shiny I'll get through that method if I ever get her. :p
    Thanks for the advices, Roseheart, I appreciate!
    I think your method is great, but I already hatched 250 eggs in my own way (collection five boxes and then hatching them all), so I think I'll stick with it until my shiny Budew hatches. Though I think if Iever do another Masuda Method hunt, I'll try yours! The only thing I dislike from your way is that if you hatch an egg while you have 4 eggs and collecting a fifth one, you'll have even more eggs to hatch afterward and that's a thing I try to avoid by collecting only 5 boxes.
    Thank you for your tips! :D
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