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  • Is it that boy from the PMs you were telling me about? If so then I dont think you should go for him since he is older and your kinda young. Maybe someone around your age. But you really should not have a hard time finding a guy trust me. I'm surprised a guy hasnt come and asked you out or something.
    Well you would get a bf very easy I'm sure. I mean I've seen pics of you and your hot not gonna lie and with your personality should be easy. Are you looking for a bf? If not then dont get one but if you are you should get one easy.
    You never had a bf before? Why? I mean thats so surprising to me cause your sweet, hot, like sports and into games. Your like perfect. Why you never had one?
    At least you know something about sports. And you would be at least willing to watch a sport with a bf right? Just to make him happy or something?
    lol Why you guess? Its cause I'm kinda like a sports guy and having a gf with the same interests even if shes willing to get to know sports would be awesome.
    Oh man I love sports but I hate soccer. Its so boring. But seriously I wish I had a gf that knew about sports like you that would be so AWESOME.
    You really watch a lot of basketball dont you? I mean you know exactly what I'm talking about. I like that though. A woman that knows sports=PERFECT lol.
    Awww I'm sorry I'm pretty sure there gonna bust some serious culo in the next game though since they lost like that. But maybe they wont cause the Rockets can play much faster with all those stars like Yao and Mcgrady out.
    lol Kobe is good but Lebron is better since he does everything. He blocks, rebounds, shoots 3's, steals, EVERYTHING lol. And haha Lakers lost today to the bum *** Rockets lol.
    lol I'm not a Cleveland fan but I'm going for them since Lebron is my fav player. He owns Kobe lol. And ok see ya tomorrow then. Bye. And Thanks.
    lolololol, ORMANDO???? Hehe

    It was a good game though. I was cheering for them, though Artest suspesnion was a bit silly.


    Heyo btw, *waves*
    Wow thats a pretty cool mix. Scottish and Icelandic cool no pun intended. But I'm doing find Amelia. My fav Baseball player A-Rod hit a homerun on the 1st pitch he saw today after being injured the whole season until today. And Cleveland is up 2-0 on the Hawks. And I think I might get my gf back. But thats a maybe. Oh and I gave my mom her Mother's Day gift early and she cried.
    lol I never heard of Gaelic so I think there really arent too many Gaelic speakers lol. Oh your half Scottish? Cool whats your other half? I'm Puerto Rican. I'm gonna take a guess and say Gaelic is a Scottish language lol.
    lol Wow still surprised though I was thinking you were gonna be like what? And not know what I said but you answered back in Spanish lol.
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