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  • Oh lol I didnt know you spoke Spanish lol. Thats awesome I'm so surprised right now lol.
    If you dont wanna share its ok I respect that. Just hope whatever it is you fix it or whatever and get back on track.
    lol And why is that? Guys or something? lol Or just not really feeling school?
    Well enough about the break up thing how have you been? Anything new in school or something?
    I know exactly what you mean though. I feel (fear?) that I am becoming more and more slack when it comes to school work. Fortunately, I only have 1 more year left after this...
    Thanks I really hope it works too I need her back. You like my profile pic? No one says anything about it.
    Thanks I really hope we get back together as well. I'm gonna make up some excuse just to see her on Friday and talk to her and stuff. Ever heard of Nickelback? I'm gonna play this song for her and show her the lyrics and maybe she'll want me back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPrK4aCSLo4
    Like her? I love her with all my heart and to death. I have been with her for 2 years. And I saved money and sent it to her so she could come to N.Y. and be with me. I went to Cali to see her. I even got her mom to come here and live here in N.Y. I lived with her in the same house for almost a year. And I can't believe it ended. I have done so much for her and been through so much with her that I cant stand it right now being without her. I love her to death and hope she comes back to me. If she doesnt I dont know if I could ever love someone else again. *Cries*
    Nah I could tell you here. My gf that I told you about before left me after 2 years and I've been begging my heart out to her to come back to me and she doesnt. I know she does but I dont know why she doesnt. She thinks I'm not gonna change and be different cause I was a bit controlling and started to neglect her and I tell her crying that I'm gonna change and that I swear I'm gonna change but she doesnt want to believe me. I dont know how to get her back. I wish I had her.
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