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  • But to get to June, you need to get through May, and with the most likely match-up being with the Spurs, it will be very close. Forgot 'your' Lakers have a bit of a tough end to the road trip too. 0-2 is my prediction, unless Kobe plays the way he did today, which is unlikey as the Cavs and Celtics are a bit smarter than the Knicks, but we shall see
    How descriptive (=P)


    *sigh* Have to start school tomorrow. My 2 month holiday has ended and it feels like I have done nothing
    *originally puzzled* Oh yeah, Kobe kind f made up for it today though


    Not bad, just a bit sleepy. I don't think I actually got to sleep last night. The shop gave me a replacement bat too so that's good.


    How's yourself? (I never actually know because you never reply =()
    No need to apologize. =)


    Well, I've been better frankly. My new cricket bat which I spent hours preparing got a crack in it yesterday, and is now deemed 'unrepairable'.


    How's yourself? Not very happy I'd think considering the news....*gets out of Rose's shouting zone*
    In my country it is legal for me,

    he's around your age =o
    Except I am suave and hot, Kidding around
    Wine is for the Connoisseur and frankly I don't real care if you are an underage drinker, I mean I started when I was 17 and Now I am 19
    I assume you know me, Because I don't remember you
    It was some thread
    anyway I can see you like Basketball
    Yea, well don't get used to it. Very rare that I will root for the Lakers, unless they are playing the Cavs, or the Nuggets or some other team tha I can't remember *facepalm*


    Anyway, I'm going to bed. 'night Rose.
    Ooh, tough games. Well, I hope the Lakers do beat the Cavs (wow, we could actually be rooting for the same team for a change). Can't stand them one little bit.
    Cool. Rose it is


    Yea, well, that happens. Wasn't this the anniversary of him smashing his knee last year too?
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