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Recent content by Roseliamelia

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    The Picture Thread - Show off your good selfies here

    wow, i haven't touched these forums in awhile! here's one that my mom took. i was actually sleeping. mhmm: http://i55.*******.com/29534gi.jpg
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    Moves that pokemon Need

    i think there should be a fire priority move. too many scizors running around =/
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    The Official NBA Thread

    kobe... ahhhh!!!!!!
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    during some late night shows and movie channels, i noticed that they don't censor out anything! i saw porky's (-_-) on a regular cable station, and it showed everything! oh, and south park. when it first came out on a local station here (KCAL 9), they got away with a lot of words. i guess a lot...
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    The abriged thread

    ohhhhhh, i'm so sorry! lol.. i didn't read what you posted earlier. i feel stupid -_- but yeah, there are many abridged novels. les miserables being one since it's so long!
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    i beat my previous game, and now i want to play eternal sonata so baddddd.
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    The abriged thread

    my friend and i are looking for an abridged version of atlas shrugged. so far, no luck. they only have abridged versions on tape/cd =(
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    Critical hits

    well, on smogon, they are not banned. that's where i mostly play. and the lucario thing was more of a joke. i was just countering illogical statements with even more illogical statements. i felt that it was kind of necessary.. lol.
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    well, aren't the unown from a celestial space as well?
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    The Picture/Voice Thread: bless the blind and deaf

    ahh!! i've always wanted to live in the country. well,at least that's what i got from your pictures. but i love the style! haha.. sorry, this is just coming from a person who's lived in the suburbs for so long =o
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    Critical hits

    it would remove a large amount of luck? the last time i checked, a regular attack has only 6.25% chance of landing a critical hit. other moves like stone edge, night slash, and cross chop (the only moves with a +critical ratio that are actually used regularly) have only a 12.5% chance. do you...
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    Critical hits

    i think smogon actually tried the "no hax clause" or something like that in their ladder matches. well, there were hacks, but the "real" winner was determined at the very end of the match after the program factored out all the hax, or criticals. so even if you had a pokemon or two left, you...
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    Most Evil Video Game Character Ever

    the queen from ico! she wanted to harvest poor yorda's youth so she could continue to live on even longer. yorda- her daughter! and before she had to harvest her daughter, she got her youth my harvesting the lives of little boys that were shunned away from their villages because of their horns...
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    The Official NBA Thread

    helloooo again =) and hopefully, i'll go on serebii more often. lol lately, i haven't =(
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    The Official NBA Thread