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  • Oh, I see. Well, between the timespan of me saying I had Pearl and you replying (like, about five months), I lost the game card D: I'm really sorry.
    Oh man you're right, it's been a long time! :eek: I've been doing well, how are you?

    And yes, I have Pearl version. Did you need it for something?
    No need to thank me. Seeing you happy is thanks enough.

    You have nothing to be sorry for. Life gets busy, I understand that and as long as you are enjoying life that's the important thing. I'll admit I do miss you, but would rather have you out there being happy.

    I miss you more.

    Can't wait to see what you write

    Tried to start Blue over last night, but it won't save anymore.

    Btw, sorry to hear about your msn failing, but just glad that was the reason we weren't talking as much. In place of us starting to lose contact with each other. If we ever do stop talking you at least need to wait to get you Vaporeon plush

    Not a whole lot.

    Just talking on MSN with some Nefreka.

    What about you.

    Btw, been thinking about starting red over. Was going to go with yellow, but it died.

    grrr, da same --;
    get into here to talk to friends too
    many homeworks and exams

    how's your place and your college? =)
    why don't you get in your email anymore?
    Not as glad as I am.

    I had a lazy weekend really didn't do much of anything. How about you?

    Ohh rose, i don't get into here anymore, hate this place >;
    The only place that i be there all the time is DA~ and the MSN

    Duuh, school will start this tuesday, reaally happy :D

    How have you been lately? :)
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